Exclusivity Drives Devils/Panthers to Huge Numbers, Plus Some Other Selected NBC Ratings

We’re still waiting on numbers from Monday and Saturday, but Sunday and Tuesday proved very kind to the Stanley Cup Playoffs on the networks of NBC.

An exclusive broadcast in Florida on Sunday helped drive a still surprising 768,000 viewers to Game 2 of the Devils-Panthers series. Perhaps viewers were successfully driven from NBC’s doubleheader, which ended at around 6:15 p.m. ET, or the Panthers are just getting viewers interested in their post-season play. Meanwhile, the non-exclusive Canucks/Kings Game 3 that aired afterwords drew an equally surprising 749,000 viewers. The two games averaged 759,000 viewers, up 10% from last year’s broadcast of Canucks/Blackhawks Game 3.

On Tuesday, NBC Sports Network was up again year-to-year, when Predators/Red Wings Game 4 drew 628,000 viewers. This was up 2% from last year’s telecast, Game 4 of that very same Canucks/Blackhawks series. On CNBC, the controversial Coyotes/Blackhawks Game 3 drew 416,000 viewers, the highest numbers to date on CNBC.

I hope to fill in the blanks on Saturday and Monday shortly, but the Stanley Cup Playoffs remain on an upnote. Perhaps we’re finally giving the people what they want, in more ways than one?

Top 10 Viewership Numbers for the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs on Cable

1. Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, Game 1 (4/11/12, NBCSN): 847,000
2. Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, Game 2 (4/13/12, NBCSN): 795,000
3. New Jersey vs. Florida, Game 2 (4/16/12, NBCSN): 768,000
4. Vancouver vs. Los Angeles, Game 3 (4/16/12, NBCSN): 749,000
5. Nashville vs. Detroit, Game 4 (4/17/12, NBCSN): 628,000
6. Los Angeles vs. Vancouver, Game 2 (4/14/12, NBCSN): 622,000
7. Washington vs. Boston, Game 1 (4/12/12, NBCSN): 576,000
8. Chicago vs. Phoenix, Game 1 (4/12/12, NBCSN): 499,000
9. Los Angeles vs. Vancouver, Game 1 (4/11/12, NBCSN): 467,000
10. Phoenix vs. Chicago, Game 3 (4/17/12, CNBC): 416,000

(Source: Son of the Bronx)

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3 Responses to Exclusivity Drives Devils/Panthers to Huge Numbers, Plus Some Other Selected NBC Ratings

  1. Eric Hornick says:

    Top 7 from this season, higher than top 7 from last season at roughly comparable time

    From an old PTM post:

    1. Vancouver vs. Chicago, Game 3 (4/17/11) – 689,000 viewers
    2. Montreal vs. Boston, Game 2 (4/16/11) – 661,000 viewers
    3. Vancouver vs. Chicago, Game 4 (4/19/11) – 621,000 viewers
    4. NY Rangers vs. Washington, Game 2 (4/15/11) – 606,000 viewers
    5. Philadelphia vs. Buffalo, Game 3 (4/18/11) – 572,000 viewers
    6. Chicago vs. Vancouver, Game 2 (4/15/11) – 562,000 viewers
    7. Chicago vs. Vancouver, Game 1 (4/13/11) – 540,000 viewers
    8. Montreal vs. Boston, Game 1 (4/14/11) – 510,000 viewers
    9. Phoenix vs. Detroit, Game 1 (4/13/11) – 484,000 viewers
    10. Los Angeles vs. San Jose, Game 2 (4/16/11) – 457,000 viewers

    Very encouraging indeed.

  2. DM says:

    Devils-Panthers Game 2 is amazing, even with exclusivity factored in. It’s easily the least appealing series of the eight

  3. Corpsie says:

    Are these numbers only respective for NBC’s channels only? So the ratings for the game games where there is local exclusivity (NESN for Bruins, CSN for Washington) are not included in those figures.

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