Sunday Produces Big Numbers in Pittsburgh and Philly

It’s hardly a surprise, but it appears this Conference Quarterfinal series between the Flyers and Penguins has the city of Philadelphia engaged with their team at a level not seen in a long time.

Game 3 of the Eastern Quarters, televised on NBC in the United States, drew a massive 12.3 local rating in the city of brotherly love. Just as a means of comparison, Game 1 of the 2010 Stanley Cup Final between the Flyers and Blackhawks drew a 13.2. The 2012 Winter Classic, which aired live from Citizens’ Bank Park on January 2nd, drew an 11.9 rating in Philadelphia. The 2010 Winter Classic, in which the Flyers visited Fenway Park, drew just a 6.0 in the city. Clearly this game meant something special to Flyer fans, plus the increased buzz from all the mayhem.

Game 3 drew a fairly large 18.0 rating in Pittsburgh, though we’ve seen numbers like that before for playoff games in the city. Just to prove a point, the 2011 Winter Classic in Pittsburgh drew a 32.4 rating in the city.

(Source: NHL)


One Response to Sunday Produces Big Numbers in Pittsburgh and Philly

  1. Peter says:

    Its pretty cool seeing great numbers in cities like Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Nashville, to go along with Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Boston, Detroit, Washington DC, and Chicago.

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