Local Ratings Update: Blues Draw Records For Late Game 3, Rangers Up 20%

The St. Louis Blues and New York Rangers both saw great ratings news for local telecasts over the past few days, showing their fans appear engaged in both as both look like good shots to make long playoff runs.

First of all, cheers to everyone in St. Louis. With a 9:30 p.m. local start time for Game 3 against the Sharks, FS Midwest drew an 11.0 rating, a record for that network set 11 years ago for a second round game against Dallas. When about 11% of your city is tuning into hockey well after midnight local time, you know it’s glad to have playoff hockey back.

It was the highest-rated Blues game since Game 3 of the 2002 Western Conference Semi-finals against Detroit, which drew a 12.3 on KPLR. I have a feeling we may see that shattered by the end of this series.

Meanwhile, the New York Rangers are always a bit of a dicey local television draw. Considering a late-season Knicks game will take precedence over Game 4 of their playoff series against the Senators this Wednesday, perhaps it’s for good reason. But Ranger fans are clearly high on their club this year, with the first two games of their battle vs. Ottawa up 19% on MSG Network.

Game 1 of the series drew a 3.41 rating, down 1% from Game 1 against Washington last year. However, Game 2 drew a 3.22, up 53% from last year’s Game 2 in DC. The weird thing is that Game 1 last year aired on alternate network MSG Plus, while Game 2 aired on regular MSG. I’ll never understand Ranger fans, but am glad they’re tuning in.

(Sources: Blues; MSG)


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