NESN Breaks Bruins Regular Season Record By a Wide Margin

BOSTON, MA – NESN, New England’s most watched sports network, set a new Bruins regular season ratings record during the 2011/12 campaign by garnering a 4.7 average household rating in the Boston DMA. The 4.7 season rating is a 52% increase over the 2010/11 season, when NESN set the network’s previous season record with a 3.1 HH rating. NESN’s Bruins ratings have increased an astounding 115% over the last two seasons.

“The impact that the Boston Bruins are having here in New England is undeniable, as the team’s popularity continues to rise and all of NESN’s Bruins programs continue to set new ratings records,” said Sean McGrail, NESN President and CEO. “The excitement around the Bruins will only get more intense as the Bruins get ready to take on the Capitals in the first round of the playoffs to defend their 2011 Stanley Cup Championship.”

NESN’s Bruins ratings showed an incredible level of consistency throughout the season, as 23 of the network’s 25 top-rated Bruins regular season games of all-time were played during the 2011/12 season, including the six highest rated hockey games in NESN history. The consistent support shown by Bruins fans was also illustrated by the fact that only six of NESN’s 71 Bruins games failed to garner at least a 3.1 household rating (last season’s record-setting average rating).

Bruins Fans Watch More Than Just NESN’s Game Coverage

All of NESN’s Bruins-related studio programs also experienced substantial ratings gains this season. Bruins Face-Off LIVE (1.1 HH, up 96%) and Bruins Overtime LIVE (1.9 HH, up 55%) both earned their best-ever regular season average household rating. Big Bad Bruins (+177%) and The Instigators LIVE (+10%) both improved after making the switch from tape delay to a live program format.


5 Responses to NESN Breaks Bruins Regular Season Record By a Wide Margin

  1. bomber says:

    Boston will always a hockey town. The ratings are huge because of new fans who have jumped on the bandwagon the last few years.

  2. kevin says:

    Frontrunners…bandwagon fans as usual

  3. kevin says:

    25% will leave as soon as the Bruins aren’t Cup champions…I seen it before. People that don’t know what icing is are watching now….when the Bruins lose they’ll stop watvhing…and they still won’t know what icing is

  4. Peter says:

    I think the NHL is becoming more popular, lets hope they don’t blow it with another lockout (damn that Donald Fehr).

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