Milbury Apologizes For Philadelphia Radio Comments

As we have a few times this season, the hockey media world is once again discussing something Mike Milbury said. He appeared on a Philadelphia radio station (WIP Sports Radio 94) to talk about the brawl late in Sunday’s Flyers-Pens game yesterday and described Sidney Crosby as “a little punk” and “a goody two shoes”, while saying that Pens coach Dan Bylsma should’ve “taken off his skirt” and spoken to Flyers coach Peter Laviolette instead of his assistant, Tony Granato.

Milbury offered an apology for his comments on Tuesday, saying the following:

“I reached out to David Morehouse and the Penguins about the comments I made yesterday on Philadelphia radio. In hindsight, I realize what I said was inappropriate and wrong, and I want to apologize to the Penguins organization and their fans.”

Milbury has been an analyst for NBC since 2007, and the NBC Sports Network since 2011 when it was known as VERSUS.

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