NBCSN Has Hockey East Final Four as Part of Big Week

Every night this week, save for Thursday, will be filled with some form of hockey on the NBC Sports Network, hallelujah. The playoffs are near!

Of course, you’ve got the typical Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday NHL games on the network, in addition to a bonus game on Saturday. Making things even more terrific: exclusive coverage outside New England of the Hockey East final four and Championship Game this Friday and Saturday.

Friday night the network will air a doubleheader, starting at 5 p.m. ET with defending champion and No. 1 seed Boston College will face underdog seventh-seeded Providence, who seek out their third Lamoriello Cup (which, of course, is named after the former Friars coach and athletic director, who went on to do some further work of consequence in hockey). The Golden Eagles have won Hockey East a record 10 times before.

After an in-between NHL Live (one of the great things about NBC’s college hockey coverage is that they’ll intersperse NHL and NCAA highlights), 7-time champion and third-seeded Boston University hosting No. 4 Maine, who have won the tournament five times, at 8 p.m. ET. The winners of the two games will meet in the final, on Saturday night at 8 p.m. ET on NBCSN. Talent for the tournament is currently unavailable.

What follows is the fairly impressive live schedule this week on NBC Sports Network

6:00 NBC Sports Talk
8:30 NHL Live
9:00 Anaheim vs. Colorado
11:30 NHL Live
1:00 NHL Overtime 

NBC Sports Talk
7:00 NHL Live
7:30 Carolina vs. NY Rangers
10:00 NHL Live
11:30 NHL Overtime


6:00 NBC Sports Talk
7:00 NHL Live
7:30 Colorado vs. Buffalo
10:00 NHL Live
11:30 NHL Overtime

NBC Sports Talk

5:00 Providence vs. Boston College
7:30 NHL Live
8:00 Maine vs. Boston University
10:30 NHL Overtime
11:30 CNBC Sports Biz: Game On

 Hockey East championship
10:30 Detroit vs. San Jose

Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh (NBC)
 MLS: Colorado vs. Philadelphia
6:30 NHL Live
7:00 Washington vs. Chicago
9:30 NHL Live
10:00 NHL Overtime 


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