Boston, New York Solid, if Not Spectacular on Sunday

There are a few things that can be taken away from NBC’s Sunday telecast of the Bruins and Rangers. One is that, it would probably not be best to schedule a hockey game featuring two markets at the same time those two markets are playing each other in basketball on a competing network. However, on the good side, hockey performed to it’s normal levels without having the luxury of dominating it’s dependable local markets, meaning the sport is slowly, but surely gaining traction with completely neutral hockey fans.

We’ll go to the most upsetting news first, where the Rangers – first place in the Eastern Conference by a mile, with charismatic star players getting better and better – were absolutely trounced by the Knicks – a mediocre, patchwork bunch whose only draw is Jeremy Lin – in New York by a count of 9.6 for Knicks/Celtics on ABC to 1.9 for Bruins/Rangers on NBC. The only good news to take out of this: A 1.9 is a very solid number for New York as far as hockey goes. But, if you’re a New York fan with allegiances to both teams, you should be more than a little ashamed of yourself for rewarding mediocrity.

In Boston, things were a bit better. Beantown led all markets for the Game of the Week with a 5.1/12, an above average number for NBC in the market, and an improvement from the 4.6 the Bruins road game against Minnesota drew on Hockey Day in America. While a solid hockey team was still getting beaten by an aging, mediocre hoops counterpart (6.4/15 for Knicks/Celtics in Boston) the numbers were a little more stout. Overall, hockey did fine without carrying two of it’s most important markets on Sunday.

13 Responses to Boston, New York Solid, if Not Spectacular on Sunday

  1. David says:

    Do you ever forsee a day when hockey will be as popular as basketball? If not, why do you think that is? Hockey seems like such a superior sport in so many ways.

    • Jeff says:

      Hockey is a far better sport then basketball IMO. The problem is people either have to be exposed to a sport or play it and places down in the southern US there is not to much hockey unlike in the midwest or notheast where hockey is played and it is where 4 of the original 6 teams reside plus people have been watching the sport much longer far so its more popular in those parts of the US. With the sport being played by mostly white people, blacks or other minorities are not going to tune in for the most part because their people dont play hockey. White people also play basketball so that in turn helps the NBA though the league is obviously dominated by blacks.. Another reason hockey is not played by many minorities is because it costs alot more money to play hockey, between the equipment and ice time. Basketball all you need is a ball and a hoop somewhere so it is much cheaper for people..

  2. e says:

    Sunday’s ratings just prove again that New York is a terrible hockey market. The Rangers are the best team in the NHL and not many people in NY care (outside of the die-hard Ranger fans). If I was NBC, I would avoid televising the Rangers in the playoffs until the semi finals. NBC will have much better success with their ratings with the other favorite 5 teams they televise (Boston, Detroit, CHicago, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh).

  3. kevin says:

    NYC is mostly blacks, latinos and foreigners. They don’t watch hockey. Hockey will never get the minority viewers because minorities are just too anti-white.

    • Jeff says:

      You are correct..

    • nosferatu says:

      Foreigners, like, say, Europeans, NEVER like hockey, do they?

      And yeah, NYC is perfect for racist minorities because it’s so cheap to live there. I never see any white people when I go to New York.

      You do realize that media markets don’t just take into account city limits, right?

      • Kevin says:

        Don’t worry about him. If you’ve seen his posts before, he’s basically trolling.

        It really depends where you go in NYC. There are more asians living in NYC then blacks and hispanics combined. But this kid “kevin” has no clue. In my neighborhood and the 3 around me, it’s about 90% white. Since I’ve grown up playing hockey, I would say almost all of my friends are hockey fans. Where I live in Brooklyn, it’s almost all italian-american and irish-american families, which is why there’s a large following here. There are plenty of areas like that in NYC and the surrounding areas.

        The biggest problem the Rangers have right now is their ticket prices. They’re ridiculous right now and they’re going up even more next year. Most people can’t afford the seats @ the bottom, those are for the rich. But most of the seats at the middle to upper levels are already taken by season ticket holders. So to get them, you have to go online and buy them on the secondary market, and the prices are ridiculous. The prices from MSG are bad, and fans are raising them even higher. Yes, MSG has been full every night this year, but it’s hard for someone to go to more then a couple of games because the prices are stupid. When any team, in any city for any sport gets hot, they attract the bandwagon fans. The Rangers might not do that because the average guy can’t get into MSG. And if you’re a new fan, hockey can be hard to follow on TV.

  4. JASON says:

    so what was the national rating???

  5. bomber says:

    The rangers are drawing awful numbers when they are on national television.The only one in the media who talks about it is Boomer Esiason.

  6. kevin says:

    NYC is about 50% illegals………mexicans……spanglish…….they like basketball for some reason. They are all about 5’2 but they still watch it…..

  7. Kevin says:

    Yeah, and the 1.9 in NY is still 140,000 HH’s while the 4.6 is Boston is only 109,000.

    Still I don’t agree with the ratings. The Celtics didn’t beat the Bruins. What’s new? The Nielsen Guess-Machine is always screwing the NHL.

  8. Peter Young says:

    I used to follow the NBA back in the 80’s. Celtic fan. I can’t watch a game for even 3 minutes. Each time I come across a game, it seems to be in a commercial break, players standing around while free throws are happening, or just bad basketball being played. Also there are way too many timeouts, no stategy needed as to when to use them. I also know that hockey at times can be boring, but since the lockout, I think it is better. I would like to see more people check it out. It is better in High Def, so as more people have highdef, the less of an issue it is for following the puck and stuff.

  9. John says:

    I am absolutely amazed by the popularity of baseketball. The NBA has done a great job of selling the sizzle but more often than not the steak is very difficult to find. I find the NBA game very difficult to watch. Officiating mirrors the marketing stance of the league, marketed players draw fouls while fledgling teams only get fouls. Often it appears as though the Washington Generals are plaing the Globetrotters. I find that league shameful.

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