NBC Picks Bruins-Penguins March 11th, Sets Up Schedule For Rest of the Season

In a move that is a bit of a surprise because it limits the network’s options the rest of the way, but less of a surprise because of the markets involved, NBC has chosen the Bruins-Penguins game as it’s Game of the Week on March 11th.

This will give the Bruins three straight weeks on the NBC game, as their February 19th tilt at Minnesota and March 4th game at the Rangers are also slated to air on NBC. It puts the Bruins at four NBC appearances, which means they can no longer appear on the network until the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It puts Pittsburgh at three appearances, meaning they only get one more.

The next choice for NBC will be March 18th: Washington-Chicago or Pittsburgh-Philadelphia. However, because NBC can only use the Penguins one more time, they must pick Caps-Hawks for this game. NBC needs to use Flyers-Penguins on April 1st, because the only other option is a Bruins-Rangers game, and Boston has been maxed out. This all means that the April 7th Bruins-Sabres and Penguins-Flyers games are out of contention for NBC as well.

Following is the probable schedule for NBC the rest of the way, complete with the alternate games that will end up on NBC Sports Network.

March 4
12:30 Boston vs. NY Rangers
7:30 Philadelphia vs. Washington (NBC Sports Network)

March 11
 Boston vs. Pittsburgh
7:30 Los Angeles vs. Chicago (NBC Sports Network)

March 18
12:30 Washington vs. Chicago
7:30 Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia (NBC Sports Network)

April 1
 Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia
7:30 Boston vs. NY Rangers (NBC Sports Network)

April 7
 Chicago vs. Detroit OR Washington vs. NY Rangers (NBC Flex)
TBD Chicago vs. Detroit OR Washington vs. NY Rangers OR Boston vs. Buffalo OR Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh (NBC Sports Network Flex Doubleheader)  

(Source: Penguins)


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