Just How Different Are TSN and Sportsnet’s Trade Deadline Shows? A By the Numbers Comparison

Before choosing (if you’re Canadian, or have the ability to stream things) the network you spend the 10+ hours of your life with on Trade Deadline Day in the NHL, I thought it’d be good to give you folks a primer on just how much each network is doing, based solely on their press releases, because it is essential for the voter to make an informed decision. Or you’ll just figure out that they’re basically the same and check out both, since good people work on these shows and put in insane hours. Or something.


  • On-air Talent: 34 different people, by my count.
  • Times the word ‘Trade’ is mentioned in network press release: 58
  • Main Host: James Duthie
  • Best Bets to Break News: Bob McKenzie, Darren Dreger, Pierre LeBrun, Gord Miller
  • Analysts: Pierre McGuire returns to TSN, along with Marc Crawford, Aaron Ward and Mike Johnson.
  • Special Features: Panels from TSN shows That’s Hockey, The Reporters and That’s Hockey 2Nite. Also, an olive branch to the western clubs with an specifically Western-centric deadline panel, featuring Darren Pang and Ray Ferraro. Craig Button will help rank the most likely to be traded. Darren Dutchysen provides hourly SportsCentre updates.
  • In the Field: Ryan Rishaug, Jermain Franklin, Sara Orlesky, Shawn Churchill, Katherine Dolan, Mark Masters, Nabil Karim, Brent Wallace, John Lu and Paul Hollingsworth will all be in various NHL cities.
  • Non-traditional Platforms: Streaming live at TSN Mobile TV, TSN.ca, Tradecentre app on iPad and iPhone.
  • Radio: TSN will provide exclusive coverage on it’s radio affiliates in various Canadian cities, including stations in Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg.
  • Availability in the US: Live all day on the NHL Network.
  • Internet Access: Sean McIndoe (@DownGoesBrown) will be tweeting for TSN, while Alyonka Larionov yet again gets stiffed with the thankless job of reading tweets from athletes. CapGeek’s Matthew Wuest and Jay Onrait’s annual liveblog will be the TSN.ca mainstays for the day.


  • On-air Talent: 33
  • Times the word ‘Trade’ is mentioned in network press release: 36
  • Main Host: Darren Millard
  • Best Bets to Break News: Chris Simpson, Nick Kypreos, Scott Morrison, Bruce Garrioch, Mark Spector, John Shannon
  • Analysts: Billy Jaffe, Marty McSorely, Damien Cox
  • Special Features: A GM-exclusive panel hosted by friend of the organization Jeff Marek, a reporter roundtable with Bob McCown, Cox and Stephen Brunt. A west coast panel with Don Taylor, Gary Valk and Brad May to talk Canucks. Hazel Mae provides hourly Sportsnet Connected updates.
  • In the Field: Dan Murphy, Craig MacEwen, Roger Millions, Ryan Leslie, Gene Principe, Ian Mendes, Barry Davis, Tony Ambrogio, Louis Jean.
  • Non-traditional platforms: Hockey Central app on iPad and Playbook, streaming on Sportsnet.ca, as well as on Puck Daddy.
  • Radio: Sportsnet will provide exclusive coverage on it’s radio affiliates in various Canadian cities, including stations in Toronto and Calgary.
  • Availability in the US: Looks like it’ll be available via various internet streams, including on Puck Daddy.
  • Internet Access: A “digital smart board” to gauge the reactions of players and fans via social media, featuring our pal Greg Wyshynski and Brad Fay, who is not Brad May.

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