Here’s the Top 10 Local Markets For Both Games of the Hockey Day Doubleheader

Game 1, 12:30 p.m. ET: Regional Action (SJ vs. DET, PIT vs. BUF, STL vs. CHI)

1. Buffalo (PIT vs. BUF): 11.1/23
2. Detroit (SJ vs. DET): 9.5/21
3. Pittsburgh (PIT vs. BUF): 9.0/20
4. St. Louis (STL vs. CHI): 7.0/15
5. Chicago (STL vs. CHI): 3.9/10
6. Minneapolis (STL vs. CHI): 1.8/5
7. Columbus (SJ vs. DET): 1.8/4
8. Washington, DC (PIT vs. BUF): 1.7/4
9. Cincinnati (SJ vs. DET): 1.6/3
10. Fort Myers, FL (SJ vs. DET): 1.5/3

Game 2, 3:30 p.m. ET, Boston vs. Minnesota 

1. Buffalo: 5.6/10
2. Boston: 4.6/10
3. Minneapolis: 3.9/10
4. Providence: 3.7/7
5. Detroit: 3.1/6
6. Pittsburgh: 2.4/5
7. St. Louis: 1.9/4
8. Nashville: 1.7/3
9. Fort Myers, FL: 1.5/3
10. Richmond, VA: 1.5/2

(Source: NBC Sports) 


2 Responses to Here’s the Top 10 Local Markets For Both Games of the Hockey Day Doubleheader

  1. WhitehorseJosh says:

    Huh. Maybe the reason NBC distributed SJ/DET so widely is that they knew that outside of Detroit, it was not going to many strong markets.

    • nosferatu says:

      Also, I’m not sure how many markets it ended up going out to. It was scheduled to be on the air in the Charlotte market, but they instead (and, even as a Sharks fan, I might say rightfully so) aired the Pittsburgh-Buffalo game. At least I was able to watch the Sharks on the NBC affiliate out of Johnson City, TN, though in SD.

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