Bruins-Rangers Will Be NBC’s Game of the Week March 4th

This is something that I’ve speculated on for quite a while, and seems pretty obvious when you consider where the two teams are at the moment, but yesterday there was a confirmation on another future NHL on NBC Game of the Week.

Game takes a break on Sunday, February 26 after Hockey Day in America rolls in, but returns on March 4th, with a battle of what will likely still be the top two teams in the Eastern Conference, the Boston Bruins and the New York Rangers. The teams will face off at 12:30 p.m. ET on NBC, as confirmed by the Sporting News hockey big cheese/Our Pal Jesse Spector on Wednesday. This gives the Rangers and Bruins both three appearances on NBC this season, meaning they can only be used one more time.

This also means that the other option from Sunday, a Flyers-Caps showdown, will be moved to 7:30 p.m. ET that evening and air exclusively on the NBC Sports Network, a policy that, excluding next week, now runs through the rest of the season.

Also of note, from the NHL’s schedule page, that on March 18th, Penguins-Flyers has been listed as NBC only, while the other option, Caps-Blackhawks, has been listed as NBC and NBCSN. As one of the league’s consistently high-rated match-ups, however, it seems like Penguins-Flyers is a pretty solid lock. That would put the Penguins at three appearances. What I’m getting at here is this: NBC’s two choices on March 11th are Bruins-Penguins and Kings-Blackhawks. Does NBC max out on the Stanley Cup Champions and the league’s most popular TV team, or air a team from California against the nightmare-enduring Blackhawks? Looking forward to that decision.

Remaining NHL on NBC Schedule

February 19
12:30 San Jose vs. Detroit OR Buffalo vs. Pittsburgh OR St. Louis vs. Chicago (Regional Coverage)
3:30 Boston vs. Minnesota

March 4
Boston vs. NY Rangers (NBC)
 Washington vs. Philadelphia (NBCSN) 

March 11
12:30 Boston vs. Pittsburgh OR Los Angeles vs. Chicago*

March 18
 Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia (NBC)
 Washington vs. Chicago (NBCSN)

April 1
 Boston vs. NY Rangers OR Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh*

April 7
Buffalo vs. Boston OR Washington vs. NY Rangers OR Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh OR Chicago vs. Detroit*

*-Flex schedule. Game that isn’t chosen will air at 7:30 p.m. ET on NBC, except for April 7th, where two of the non-selected games will air as a doubleheader on NBCSN.


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2 Responses to Bruins-Rangers Will Be NBC’s Game of the Week March 4th

  1. Eric says:

    Assuming you have the rules correct, and 3/18 is locked into Phiily-Pitt, then 3/11 would have to be LA-Chicago.

    The reason — look at the choices for April 1st: either Bos-Nyr or Philly-Pit. Using Boston-Pitt on 3/11 would max them out, and one of them has to play in the 4/1 telecast.

    Is there a limit on combined NBC/NBCSN appearances too?

  2. Kevin says:

    People are going to complain about it “They show the same 6 or 7 teams on NBC” but I have no problem with it. They’re getting better at it. With NBCSN, they are showing more of the other teams to get them more exposure (And you can see it kills the “ratings” but they’re doing it anyway).. On Tuesday they showed a Ducks/Wild game (Which everyone knew would be a terrible game). A great Bruins/Rangers, and Stars/Wings (Going for the record) games were on. With any other sport, on any other network, one of these games would’ve been shown over Ducks/Wild, but they stuck with the Ducks/Wild game. They deserve some credit for that.

    Of the 55 games after 1/1, 21 are West vs. West match-ups, 9 are west vs. east, 19 are east vs. east, and there are 6 flex games. They have been showcasing the West more, even if there are better choices (Ratings wise)..

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