NHL Network to Broadcast All 10 Hours of TSN’s Trade Deadline Coverage in the States

Trade deadline day has been a bit of a mixed bag for the NHL Network over the past few years. With a desire to launch it’s own, Americanized coverage of deadline day for viewers in the states instead of presenting us James Duthie’s lovely mug all day, the league’s broadcast network has taken a “pick and choose” sort of attitude to TSN’s Tradecentre show, often airing a few hours, but not all of them. It’s been a bit frustrating for American fans, who’d like the NHL Net coverage to be as good, but let’s face it, nobody beats TSN when it comes to trade deadline day. Except, you know, Twitter.

So it should come to great delight of all hockey fans that NHL Network will be simulcasting TSN’s TradeCentre ’12 show all freaking day on February 27th, the day that is the last which teams can make trades on, according to the NHL Network schedule. TSN’s comprehensive (to say the least) coverage will begin on NHL Net at 8 a.m. ET and expire (because really, at this amount of time, the proper word is expire) at 6 p.m. ET. Afterwards, the network will air it’s own one-hour trade deadline special before giving way to On The Fly and NHL Tonight. Meaning that hockey fans in the US will get a whopping 11 hours of live trade deadline coverage.

No listings are available for what the network will air in Canada that day. NBC Sports Network will also not (at this point) be airing any special trade deadline shows itself, but will be broadcasting a game that day and likely have much trade talk there.

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