Stanley Cup Playoffs to Air on CNBC, NHL Network?

It’s the question I (and possibly many of you readers) have been wondering out loud the answer for since the policy was announced: Who will air the overflow of Stanley Cup Playoff games now that NBCSN has promised they will air every single one of them?

The answer appears to have come during the endless Super Bowl pre-game show, which featured a commercial for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, according to readers of sports TV website The 506. Multiple readers claim to have seen the commercial, which showed the logos of NBC, NBC Sports Network, CNBC and NHL Network, intimating that the two networks would be overflow homes for first and second round playoff games.

The news makes a lot of sense. CNBC ends it’s broadcast day at 7 p.m. ET, the time when a lot of the overflow playoff games would be starting. NHL Network also makes sense, being… well, the NHL Network. Working on getting confirmation of this from NBC, but for now, looks as if this will be the case.

An interesting note about all of this is that CNBC is 100 million homes across America, around 25 million more than NBC Sports Network. Good news for those who still do not get the channel, as they won’t be shut out of a good 90% of playoff action again.

4 Responses to Stanley Cup Playoffs to Air on CNBC, NHL Network?

  1. nosferatu says:

    CNBC’s a good choice. Hearing about the NHL Network, though, is upsetting, as my cable provider (Charter) doesn’t offer it in my area. This sucks during the regular season because GameCenter Live blacks out games on the NHL Network, but it would be really miserable come playoff time.

  2. Mike says:

    I would hope they wouldn’t be putting playoff games on the NHL Network considering that I’d be shut out of seeing certain games even though I have Gamecenter Live and cable with all the NBC Networks (they don’t carry the NHL Network). The idea that games on the NHL Network are “nationally televised” is a joke, what are they available in half as many homes as the NBC Sports Network? It’s already frustrating enough that I miss certain regular season games they televise, and it seems to go against NBC’s release last year that all playoff games would be shown on the NBC family of channels.

  3. Stu Dolgon says:

    NBC used USA Network and Bravo during the recent Olympics.

    • nosferatu says:

      Lord knows they’re not bumping any Housewives off Bravo come April.

      Hell, I may not get it in HD, but what about G4?

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