Pens/Caps Still A Draw Without Crosby

Even without the sport’s biggest star, Penguins/Capitals still proved a valuable rivalry for NBC Sports Network.

The network’s broadcast of Pittsburgh vs. Washington drew 526,000 viewers last Wednesday night, marking the fifth-most watched game on the network this season, and the highest since their change over from VERSUS to NBCSN (or NBCSp? I’m not sure what I’m supposed to abbreviate them as). The numbers are still down 23% from last year’s Washington/Pittsburgh game (2/21/11: 681,000).

Meanwhile, Tuesday night’s broadcast of San Jose/Minnesota drew 237,000 viewers to NBCSN, while Sunday night’s Rangers/Canadiens game drew just 202,000. Of Course, there may have been another blue team from New York playing at the same time to distract potential viewers.

Top 5 VERSUS Games This Season
Boston/Philadelphia, 10/6/11 – 874,000 viewers
Philadelphia/Buffalo, 12/7/11 – 585,000 viewers
Philadelphia/Buffalo, 11/2/11 – 558,000 viewers
Chicago/Minnesota, 12/14/11 – 540,000 viewers
 Pittsburgh/Washington, 1/11/12 – 526,000 viewers 


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3 Responses to Pens/Caps Still A Draw Without Crosby

  1. nosferatu says:

    I don’t understand why, on a work night, NBCSN would start a San Jose-Minnesota game at 7:30 ET, losing a significant portion of one team’s fan base when it’s not even “necessary,” since Minnesota is in the Central Time Zone, meaning the game started at 6:30 local time.

    I get that they want the games in prime time for the east coast, but in this case? Is that really the best decision? No wonder the numbers suck. The only Sharks game on Versus/NBCSN this year with solid ratings was on Jan. 2, a holiday for most. The others all started at 4:30 Pacific Time or earlier, if I’m not mistaken (one on Halloween).

  2. kevin says:

    No one cares about the Sharks…try to get that thru your head. Unless they are playing Boston or Philly or Pitt they will get lousy ratings no matter what time the game is

    • nosferatu says:

      And what you obviously don’t have the time or brainspace to consider–that I’m trying to point out–is that when we look at the bigger picture of nationwide interest of western (non-Chicago or Detroit) teams, at least some of the blame must be foisted upon the networks for their continued treatment of those teams as part of some different, lesser league.

      It’s been an issue going on for years now, and when the networks get shitty ratings for games featuring western teams, they need to look in the mirror when figuring out where to assign blame.

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