Devils Making Money Off of Social Media Hub

From Fred Dreier of SBD/SBJ:

Devils’ One year after launching the Mission Control social media hub at the Prudential Center, New Jersey Devils officials say the team has begun to monetize the program, producing $500,000 in revenue from new and renewed marketing partnerships, according to Rich Krezwick, president of Devils Arena Entertainment.

“Mission Control has been our lead in sales meetings, not just a throw-in,” Krezwick said. “I think we can do $2 million in our second year.”

This year the Devils have signed new partnerships with solar energy company Pfister Energy, T-Mobile, parking company The Parking Spot, the New Jersey Division of Travel and Tourism, and the New Jersey Lottery. The team has renewed existing deals with Ford, Geico, Subway restaurants and the American Red Cross.

One Response to Devils Making Money Off of Social Media Hub

  1. dyhrdmet says:

    I go to games there all the time, and I don’t think I’ve even noticed Mission Control.

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