Sharks/Cancuks Draws Average Audience on Opening Night for NBCSN

The NHL on the NBC Sports Network got off to a solid, if not spectacular beginning.

The network’s broadcast of the San Jose Sharks-Vancouver Canucks game, a rematch of the 2011 Western Conference Final, drew 267,000 viewers to the network. While the number is nothing necessarily to write home about, it is an improvement on prior games featuring the Sharks this season, which have drawn some of the network’s lowest audiences (12/13/11, SJ vs. COL – 193,000 viewers, 10/31/11 SJ vs. NYR – 169,000) this season.

The network’s final Monday broadcast as VERSUS – a Stars-Blues game seven days prior – drew the slightly higher 270,000 viewers. Meanwhile, the VERSUS network’s final hockey broadcast, period – a Rangers/Capitals game on Wednesday of last week – drew 327,000 viewers. Expect NBCSN’s numbers to tick up with more large-market tilts next week, including Red Wings/Blackhawks on Sunday and Penguins/Capitals on Wednesday.

(Source: @TVSportsratings)


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2 Responses to Sharks/Cancuks Draws Average Audience on Opening Night for NBCSN

  1. Eddie says:

    That ain’t too bad when it is a sunbelt team and a canadian team.

  2. Going against college football bowl games has to factor into the equation. San Jose and Vancouver deserved better. Sad to say that this was the 2nd and final Canucks appearances on U.S. basic cable (first was opening night). This was a team that made it to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final. Wonder how many games that would have had if they won the Cup?

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