24/7 Season Two Premiere Down 26% From 2010

You just can’t predict television sometimes, and the double-digit losses for the premiere of Season 2 of the critically adored 24/7 Rangers/Flyers: Road to the NHL Winter Classic drew 284,000 viewers on Wednesday night. This was down 26% from episode one, featuring the Penguins and Capitals, which drew 383,000 viewers on December 15th of last year. Just as an example, the Chicago-Minnesota game on VERSUS drew 540,000 viewers on the same night.

Just as an example, in HBO terms, this is not necessarily bad for a non-Sunday night series. The Monday series Enlightened, which was recently renewed for a second season by the network, drew numbers of 151,000, 189,000 and 263,000 in it’s prior two airings (11/30, 12/6 and 12/3), while the season finale of recently-cancelled Bored to Death drew just 232,000 viewers on November 30th. But it is odd that the show hemorrhaged viewers from last year when there was just as much anticipation and even bigger market teams.

11 Responses to 24/7 Season Two Premiere Down 2611 From 2010

  1. WhitehorseJosh says:

    People aren’t going to want to hear it, but I really think this is due to Sid and Ovie. No casual fans have heard of anyone on either of this year’s teams.

  2. moe says:

    I thought it wasn’t done nearly as well as the one from last year.

  3. CanuckFanInSF says:

    I want the DVR/HBO GO/Youtube numbers. I watched this at least 3 times last week via HBO GO.

  4. paranoidpuck says:

    I’m pretty much gonna post the same thing here as I did over on my blog, but I think people need to look at the bigger picture when it comes to ratings and HBO. HBO gets a large amount of viewers via DVR, on demand and encore viewings. For instance, Bored To Death somewhat struggled during its run when it came to first run ratings, especially during its second season. It made up for it because it did very well through VOD, DVR and repeats. Besides that, HBO doesn’t just focus on ratings. After all, its a subscription service and those numbers are more important. It’s about compelling content that makes viewers subscribe to the service.

    I do think this matchup isn’t as attractive as WSH/PIT and that’s hurting the numbers but I’m sure once you add in VOD, etc., the numbers won’t be that far off of last year’s. Last year’s first episode last year ended up with almost 3 million viewers. When you figure that it didn’t even muster 400k on its premiere, that’s very impressive. Those alternative viewings make all the difference.

  5. kevin says:

    Honestly, who cares about ratings on HBO…….I haven’t watched an HBO program in 20 years. They don’t even have advertising do they? I’d watch it but I’m not buying HBO. That’s what this stuff is all about…how many people will subscribe to HBO for these “special” events. If they get new subscribers its worth it…otherwise it isn’t.

  6. Stephen says:

    Last year I thought was on Thursday not Wednesday

  7. I wonder what the difference would be if this was aired on a “free” station (ie. a station like Versus or some other station that many people have bundled into their existing cable packages) vs. a premium channel like HBO?

    In today’s economy, not a lot of money are going to pony up the extra $ for two months of HBO when they know the videos will be posted online in a couple days. (How’s the view stats on NHL.com?) As a hockey fan, I’m definitely tuning in – but this year, I didn’t pay for HBO, I’m waiting for it to hit NHL.com.

    Teams chosen this year might have something to do with it, too – more focused interest in NY and PHL on the east coast than the rest of the country, versus perhaps the star drawing power of Crosby & Ovechkin. I mean, Pens and Caps.

    Wonder if the ratings remain lower or prove lower across the board, if the NHL will look to a more “universally appealing” team(s) with bigger-name stars than either PHL or NYR have to anchor the next Winter Classic (ie. Detroit, Chicago).

  8. Kevin says:

    Take it as it is. This doesn’t include people who viewed it on Youtube (Over 100,000 after a couple of days. More then last year), people who watched it on NHL.com, people who watched it via DVR, people who watched the encores, people who watched the free live HD stream that was getting tossed around Twitter, people who watched it via HBOGO (Which wasn’t around last year).. Of course, in this comment, I’m trying to pretend that the Nielsen Guess Machine numbers are accurate..

  9. john says:

    i know a lot of people, who have discontinued their cable service. I wonder if HBo has had a significant drop in subscribers. considering the economy and people needing to stretch budgets, there might just be less eyeballs watching HBO over all. I don’t have any data, though. Just a thought.

  10. WhitehorseJosh says:

    @HockeyBroad: The problem with that idea is that if you take 24/7 off of HBO, it’s simply not the same show.

  11. nosferatu says:

    Wait, Bored to Death was cancelled? Damn. At least I still have this latest season to watch, since I don’t subscribe to HBO this year.

    I’m guessing a lot of folks were like me last year, though, and subscribed just for a few months out of curiosity to get to see 24/7 on TV. I watched part of the first episode on NHL.com and then subscribed for a time. Not exactly the same the second go-round.

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