Here’s an Apparent Leak of the New NHL Network Logo

There you go. You can check out this and more from the NHL Network re-vamp – which I reported on first here at Puck the Media last week – including confirmation that NHL Tonight is coming, over at the great Paranoid Puck.


6 Responses to Here’s an Apparent Leak of the New NHL Network Logo

  1. Sean says:

    Really??? We need well produced shows not more logos. Create ur identity or logo and get going all ready

  2. Kion says:

    why does it look so cartoonish….everything from jersey logos to Stanley cup patches….seems They always make look childish

  3. Jason says:

    The videos look Cartoonish too

  4. Sean says:

    More pictures…..looks like expanded graphics.

  5. Stephen says:

    Are you kidding me….the intro is like something from NHL 2k or NHL video games. Lol it does look video gamish or a show for kids ….what will be more funny is going from that intro to the dull and boring studio…when will they realize you are what u look like…..neither of the 3 other leagues look so lame. They look more hi tech….I just don’t get it… They have a great web and say we NHL fans are most tech savvy but give us nothing that says wow we are the NHL a respectable and intense sport….rather as you pointed out….we are cute ….though I will say the NHL network intro that is used for we now join the following in progress looks great because it looks professional…..also doesn’t the NHL tonight show intro look like a bit of NFL w design and colors ….trying to say something? I’ll stop now….lol

  6. Eddie says:

    I have no problems with this at all. Bigger fish to fry imho.

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