Yzerman, Lightning Come Close to Denying VERSUS Interviews

From Chris Stevenson of the Toronto Sun:

Steve Yzerman was one of the most gentlemanly players you could meet. He’s a thoughtful, soft-spoken man. But he is not letting go of the feud that has developed between his Tampa Bay Lightning and the Versus commentators — Pierre McGuire, Keith Jones and Mike Milbury — who ripped his club for the 1-3-1 fiasco Nov. 9 against the Philadelphia Flyers. Yzerman and the Lightning considered boycotting Versus interviews when the network showed up to televise the Tampa Bay game against the Minnesota Wild this week but granted access in the end. Yzerman did put it out there that a repeat of the kind of comments he heard Nov. 9 and the Lightning would shut the door on Versus. Apparently Versus commentator Brian Engblom came close to ticking the Lightning off again when he asked the Bolts’ Marty St. Louis if the system keeps the team from scoring as many goals as it might otherwise.


3 Responses to Yzerman, Lightning Come Close to Denying VERSUS Interviews

  1. Sean says:

    Tampa needs more of versus than versus needs of Tampa. Can’t watch a Tampa game so YZERMAN should think before acting…I’d b fine w no lightening games to see on NBCSports

  2. d. pierce says:

    Teams need to talk to the press. On the other hand, Milbury and Jones are true dufus guys…anything said to get ratings is fine and dumb stuff comes naturally for both. McGuire is more knowledable but irritating just the same.

    Stevie Y, suck it up…overcome the media jerks and do what you have to do.

  3. Bob Johnson says:

    Agree. Tampa’s style is boring hockey and the commentators called it like it is. When fans are booing because they are bored watching a home game, the management should take a look at their product on the ice and not be concerned with what the commentators are saying about it.

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