Hockey Night in Canada Ratings Through American Thanksgiving

CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada

October 6
7:00 Montreal vs. Toronto –
1.94 million
10:00 Pittsburgh vs. Vancouver – 989,000

October 8
7:00 Ottawa vs. Toronto –
2.54 million
10:00 Pittsburgh vs. Calgary – 1.01 million

October 9
6:00 Montreal vs. Winnipeg –
1.83 million

October 15
7:00 Regional Action (feat. CGY/TOR, COL/MTL, OTT/WSH, WPG/PHX) –
2.12 million
10:00 Vancouver vs. Edmonton – 1.17 million

October 22
7:00 Regional Action (feat. TOR/MTL, CLB/OTT, CAR/WPG) –
2.17 million
10:00 NY Rangers vs. Edmonton – 752,000

October 29
7:00 Regional Action (feat. PIT/TOR, BOS/MTL, WPG/TB) –
2.29 million
10:00 Washington vs. Vancouver – 1.09 million

November 5
7:00 Regional Action (feat. BOS/TOR, BUF/OTT, WPG/NJ, MTL/NYR) –
2.04 million
10:00 Edmonton vs. Phoenix – 696,000

November 12
7:00 Regional Action (feat. OTT/TOR, MTL/NSH, WPG/CLB) –
2.25 million
10:00 Calgary vs. Colorado – 757,000

November 19
3:00 Philadelphia vs. Winnipeg –
7:00 Regional Action (feat. WSH/TOR, NYR/MTL) – 2.08 million
10:00 Chicago vs. Edmonton – 948,000

November 21
7:00 NY Islanders vs. Pittsburgh –
1.2 million

(Source: Canadian Sports Media Blog)


4 Responses to Hockey Night in Canada Ratings Through American Thanksgiving

  1. Sean says:

    didnt like the 24/7 preview….seemed real soft…….where was the original voice at on narration? he makes 24/7 and hard knocks so much better.

  2. Sean says:

    NHL earns a 1.0 for the black Friday game. NBC can’t be happy this year on both NBC and VS tv ratings so far.

  3. Sean says:

    Guess they need to start changing rules again. Who were they kidding to do a thanksgiving Friday game. Tough year so far on the ratings front when the other guys were on strike. If MLS garners better ratings on NBCSports it won’t bold well and John Collins will need to get creative. Next stop WC and if that doesn’t pull in highest ratings with 2 biggest markets, going to be a long long season.

    • To be fair, its gonna be hard to go against Arkansas vs. LSU. I’m a diehard hockey game, but I watched one of the most important college football games of the season. Arkansas-LSU is a better matchup than any of the early (1pm ET) January 2nd bowl games.

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