Under 200K Watched Sid The Kid’s Return on Versus. Seriously?

Ken from Fang’s Bites coming over once again to give you some NHL ratings news.

Numbers are in for Versus’ airing of Monday night’s New York Islanders-Pittsburgh Penguins game which marked the return of Sidney Crosby back to the NHL after 10 months following his concussion. PTM Fearless Leader Steve discovers that the viewership numbers nationally were miniscule. Granted, it was up against Monday Night Football on ESPN, the cable ratings killer, but you would think more people would watch. Only an estimated 198,000 viewers?

Granted, the local numbers especially in Pittsburgh were better, but one would expect hockey fans to be interested. Perhaps it was the Islanders not being a national draw, but I thought this would draw higher numbers.

The lesson from all this? It’s best not to have an NHL showcase opposite Monday Night Football on ESPN and Dancing with the Stars on ABC.

19 Responses to Under 200K Watched Sid The Kid’s Return on Versus. Seriously?

  1. Bob says:

    Get over it. Not everyone cares about Cindy Crosby. I preferred watching my 2 losers play – Columbus and Carolina…

  2. Colton says:

    The game was over after two periods. People left at the end. One days notice as well.

    I think this just shows the different interests in Sidney Crosby. Canada loves him(5 mil) and the US doesn’t know who he is.

  3. Pittsburgh and the Islanders wasn’t an exciting game. Boston at Montreal was about as defensive and close a game as you can get.

    Everything Sid the Kid would have been replayed over and over on the NHL Network anyway, so why watch it live?

    I’m a hockey fan, and the night went from wanting to watch an exciting contest to doing other things that night. I did see Sidney’s first goal live because I happened to be watching, but that was before the Bruins and the Canadiens were going to start.

    I also agree that there was very little notice. News on a Sunday isn’t always something that people notice.

  4. Sean says:

    nbc has to be loving their 2 billion rights fee. what does that say when you blame mnf and dancing w the stars? guess they should play when no programs are on.

  5. john says:

    this shows the vrs/nbc sports still has tons of room to grow as a network. this was a huge deal that got tons of play on espn, regional sports nets and newspapers, especially on the following day and after the game.

    • nosferatu says:

      Not as much play on ESPN.com as you might expect. Several headlines taking prominence yesterday, and by the time I checked today, around noon ET, there wasn’t a single mention of Crosby anywhere on the front page.

      I think, in a way, that says something about what NBC Sports is up against.

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  7. Kevin says:

    I told you this might happen. Nielsen’s Guess Machine completely fucked the NHL again. I thought maybe just once they’d help the NHL out, but no. It is what it is, this is the shitty system we have and it’s never going to change.

    • Ryan says:

      It’s getting annoying how predictable your comments are. What do you have to back up all these “Nielsen Guess Machine” statements other than that you don’t understand statistical sampling and that you like hockey therefore more people should too? A truly inaccurate system would have wild fluctuations all over the place, both over-estimating and under-estimating, for most properties. Instead, most properties have relatively consistent ratings. If the Nielsen system was actually screwing over the NHL (or anybody else), don’t you think they’d be complaining about the system rather than accepting its numbers as fact?

      • Kevin says:

        I’ve only posted this comment a view times. It annoys me, but I let it go most of the time, mainly because it’s probably not that important. But the numbers for this game are complete bullshit. I guarantee they say last nights Kings/Blues game had more viewers (Which it 100% did not) and that right there should be proof enough. Plenty of Big TV stations and shows have complained about the system. I’m not saying Nielsen is screwing over the NHL, I’m saying that their completely bullshit system is screwing over everybody.

        Statistics and surveying work for some things, but NOT for TV. It works for figuring out on average how many people will get sick (Or suffer from side effects) if they take a certain drug. It works for politics, and questions/polls concerning that. Why? Because most people are part of a certain group/party. People in the same party, share the same (Or close to it) view on most topics, a majority of the time (That’s why they’re part of that group/party)..

        Nielsen’s trying to guess, exactly how many people are watching a certain TV program based off a .02% sample size (25,000 out of 116,000,000) and that doesn’t work. There isn’t 1 or 2 (Or even 5-10) options, there are hundreds of options for people to chose from when watching TV. It could work if you were only choosing between one of the 7 broadcast channels, but people are choosing between hundreds of channels now. Also, there are so many different variables that go into watching TV, and why people watch certain shows.

        Yes, you can say women are more likely to watch a certain show based on statistics. You can say younger people are more likely to watch a show. That works and that is what it’s good for. But you can’t say exactly how many people are watching show, when there are so many variables in place.

        Also, Nielsen’s system isn’t random. While they claim to have a diverse group (Probably true), they use the exact same sample, every time. That right there might explain why most programs have consistent ratings from Nielsen, because they use the exact same people every time, and it’s likely they continue to watch the same programs they like.

        You’re going to tell me that numbers like this aren’t suspect: The Panthers having an attendance of 10,000+ every night, but only 3,000 people watch them on TV? (I’m not a Panthers fan)

        If I told you some of the shows that I watch, you probably wouldn’t believe me (Based on who I am, my age etc.).. But I watch them, why? Because I find them entertaining. Nielsen, or anyone who doesn’t know me would never guess or think that I watch these programs. That’s the main problem. Based on a small sample size, they’re basically trying to place you and me and everyone else into a certain group. While that can be very effective in some cases (Some mentioned above), it does not work for this. I don’t watch a certain show because of my ethnicity, or my age, sex, the job I work, or what I studied in school. Most of that doesn’t factor into why I (Or the majority of people) watch a show. Some that do: Your mood that day, whether or not you like reality TV, comedy or drama more, your favorite actors (You know, the ones that you’ll watch even of the show/movie sucks), who you’re watching Tv with, and many more. Those are all unique variables that every person has. They’re some of the major factors that go into why a person watches a certain show, and they can’t be grouped together, because they’re unique and different for every person.

        Sorry if I misspelled anything. I’m busy, so I had to write this fast.

      • Sean says:

        somebody needs to scale back on the fruit loops. simply put the viewership is poor even if u want to add another 200k viewers. go back to work. hope you make better arguments there then u do on here.

  8. Eddie says:

    This must not include Pittsburgh and New York’s markets. 200 000 just doesn’t seem right. Something is fishy.

  9. kevin says:

    Why would anyone expect this to be a good game? Boston/Montreal would have been a much better game. No one cares about “stars” in hockey. It’s about TEAMS. i consider myself a huge hckey fan and I wasn’t sitting around for 10 months waiting to see Crosby play….against the Islanders? Worst team in the history of the NHL……….

  10. Eddie says:

    I’m guessing Pittsburgh had huge numbers for this game. I think if you add in the Pittsburgh and NYI numbers this is probably over 500,000. It is a little disappointing to see 200 000 outside the local markets and granted yes the Islanders are a bad team but, it was a nice test to see if this game could’ve brought in the causual fan maybe.

  11. Eddie says:

    I hope Versus/NBC sports can get this distribution of their programming fixed/up to par. So that it does equal what ESPN has for tvs into homes across the America.

  12. kevin says:

    Hello! Anybody vs the Islanders = NO INTEREST….why do you think the NYI draw 7,000 fans every nite

  13. DKO says:

    Vs did not carry it here in the NY metro area, where the Islanders are on MSG. Vs carried some car racing show and put a blackout crawl at the bottom of the screen. I would have checked it out on Vs. The Islanders broadcast is not good., mostly due to the team, although I like PBP man Howie Rose.

  14. the kid is the best since that hit on jan 5th against tampa he has not played for 319 he was 46 days away from a year out with a connucion

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