Steve Yzerman Becomes One of Those “VERSUS is Biased Because The Flyers and VERSUS Are Owned by Comcast” People

From Eric Erlandsson of Tampa Bay Online:

The move led to plenty of reaction around the league and led to criticism of the Lightning’s style of play. The harshest critics came during the intermission of the game, which was broadcast nationally in the United States on Versus, from studio analysts Keith Jones and Mike Milbury who called Tampa Bay’s style of play “embarrassing’’.

Tampa Bay general manager Steve Yzerman questions the motives of the criticism coming from the Versus analysts.

“Versus is owned by Comcast, Comcast owns the Flyers, Keith Jones is a broadcaster with the Flyers and is hardly impartial,’’ Yzerman said. “I think that anybody that looks at that objectively should be saying, “Did Tampa do the right thing or Did Philadelphia do the right thing’’ and you can make an argument both ways.’’

3 Responses to Steve Yzerman Becomes One of Those “VERSUS is Biased Because The Flyers and VERSUS Are Owned by Comcast” People

  1. kevin says:

    I think Stevie Y is right. Jones is a Flyers stooge even more so than Milbury is a Bruins stooge…Milbury is just stooge period. There are other ways to attack the Tampa trap. I didn’t see Boston doing anything like Philly did in the playoffs last year. Honestly, I would put alot of the blame on Pronger. He was the guy that was doing it for the most part. The guy is just a Dbag.

  2. leafsfan1967 says:

    I’m sure the good people at Versus/NBC are happy when the Flyers do well but that’s not the same thing as bias.

    People are forever claiming media bias one way or another. Witness the perpetual boring claims that CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada are just cheerleaders for the Leafs. In as much as the CBC shows more Montreal games than Leafs games this bias chestnut isn’t too hard to crack.

  3. Brian says:

    I still say the Flyers should’ve received a delay of game penalty. They sat on the puck and did not make a move to advance play. They DELAYED THE PLAY OF THE GAME. How is that “out-smarting” the opposing coach??

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