Scheduling Note: Puck the Media Field Trips For the Next Three Days

I’ll be out of regular posting mode for the next few days. Today, I’ll be in Newark for the Devils/Hurricanes game, among other things. Then, Wednesday and Thursday, I’ll be in New York City at the Mariott in Times Square for Sports Business Journal’s Sports Media and Technology Conference. Among the (relevant to this crowd) people I’ll be seeing at various panels are Marc Lazarus (Chairman, NBC Sports Group), Bill Simmons, John Collins (COO, NHL), Eric Shanks (President, Fox Sports), Rick Bernstein (President, Fox Sports) and Jon Litner (President, Comcast Sportsnet). I’m also looking forward to a demonstration from NeuLion, the company that helped launch Islanders TV and the video portal, among other things.

There’ll likely be some press releases tossed up at some point, starting tomorrow. Good news is, I’ll start posting some of the stuff from Wednesday and Thursday on Friday.

Also, I’ll be live-tweeting some of the various panels @stevelepore if you want to read that. I’ll get back to posting regularly Friday. Thanks for your support of Puck the Media.