Pens Bigger Out Of Market Draw Then Caps on VERSUS This Week

Both the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals played games on VERSUS against Florida teams that were blacked out in their local markets, and the Pens proved the larger attraction.

Monday night’s VERSUS telecast of Lightning/Capitals (which aired on CSN Mid-Atlantic in DC, but on VERSUS in Tampa) drew an 0.1 rating and 162,000 viewers for Washington’s 6-5 shootout victory over Tampa Bay. Tuesday night’s broadcast of Panthers/Penguins (seen on ROOT Sports in Pittsburgh, VERSUS in South Florida) drew an 0.2 rating and 216,000 viewers for Pittsburgh’s 4-2 victory over Florida. Panthers/Pens also drew more viewers among Adults 18-49 (116,000) than Lightning/Caps (86,000).

Meanwhile, Saturday’s telecast of Rangers/Ducks from the NHL Premiere series drew 124,000 viewers at 1 p.m. ET. The telecast was blacked out in the New York metropolitan area, but aired live on VERSUS in Southern California. This was up 19% from the prior afternoon’s New York-blacked-out Rangers/Kings game (101,000). It was also up 7% from the year-ago telecast of Phoenix/Boston (116,000), which was blacked out in Boston.

(Source: The Voice of TV)

6 Responses to Pens Bigger Out Of Market Draw Then Caps on VERSUS This Week

  1. Kevin says:

    I thought games on Versus were supposed to be exclusive? Are all the games going to be like that this year? Cause the ratings will continue to look like shit.

    Can you give me an exact number of exclusive games (Out of the 90 they will be airing on VS).. Can you also compare it to last year.

  2. nosferatu says:

    Even if it wasn’t an exclusivity issue, I could see one issue being that there were simply a lot more games around the league on Monday night–and fans in regions with their home teams playing were less likely to tune in to the Versus game. On Tuesday there was almost no competition throughout the country.

    Too bad, because the TB-Was game was completely awesome (except for Vokoun’s goaltending).

    • Kevin says:

      I checked and the Versus games begin next week for some weird reason, on the 17th. All VS games are exclusive from then on.

  3. Fred says:

    The biggest concern is versus is in less than 80 million homes. Espn 100+ million homes and doesn’t inlude their penetration rate in hotels/ bars. So u still can’t compare versus vs espn and say they are coming up lame. They are actually doing decent w out the same amount of eye balls. Perhaps it would have reached 1 mill.

    • Kevin says:

      ESPN is under 100m now (Actually, every Cable channel is right now).. Yes, they would have more viewers on ESPN (2), but would it matter? On Versus, they will have 90 games this season. And 10+ on NBC. ESPN only offered 40 games combined between ESPN2 and ABC. Not to mention the less money. If it was the same exact deal, then yes, it would be better to be ESPN (even though I hate their bullshit), but it’s not the same deal.

      Versus continues to grow. Once it becomes NBC Sports Network, it will be in even more homes. These weren’t even exclusive games. The real VS schedule starts next week, on Monday, when from then on, all of their games will be exclusive. We’ll see what the ratings are like once that starts.

  4. Fred says:

    Simply stating versus is still up against 20mill gap on penetration and not on tier 1 programming like espn. So those knocking versus should think again when they say ratings are lame. They are on par better than espn simply again because they don’t have the same penetration and hotels like espn does. Nbcsports recoginizes that and know once they even tv base it’s doing really well. Though NHL alone will not net 20 mill gap plus hotels and bars. It’s going to take another major sports. A name alone will not do that. Certainly when u hav comcast as the NBC owner, satellites n cable compaines are going to push back when u only hav the NHL. Makes it hard to pass on cost to customers unlike they can w espn. Ratings are great w a 20 mill + hotels bars gap.

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