NHL Opening Night Viewership Totals Since 2003

NOTE: I searched exhaustively for the numbers from 2007 and just could not find them. If anybody can, please shoot me an e-mail or a comment. Thank you.

Past NHL Opening Night Viewership

2010 (VERSUS)
Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh – 730,000 viewers
Chicago vs. Colorado – 430,000 viewers

2009 (VERSUS)
Washington vs. Boston – 501,000 viewers
10:00 San Jose vs. Colorado – 330,000 viewers

2008 (VERSUS)
Toronto vs. Detroit – 573,000 viewers
Boston vs. Colorado – 361,000 viewers

2007 (VERSUS)
Anaheim vs. Detroit – 421,000 viewers
Dallas vs. Colorado – 289,000 viewers

2006 (VERSUS)
Buffalo vs. Carolina – 337,000 viewers
Dallas vs. Colorado – 301,000 viewers

2005 (OLN)
NY Rangers vs. Philadelphia – 353,000 viewers

2003 (ESPN)
New Jersey vs. Boston OR Chicago vs. Minnesota OR Anaheim vs. Dallas – 476,000 viewers

(Sources: 2004, 2005/2006, 2007, 2008, 2009-2011 from PTM archives)


2 Responses to NHL Opening Night Viewership Totals Since 2003

  1. Kevin says:

    I think both games will be up from last year. (Even though it’s all up to Nielsen’s Guess-Machine)..

    I do think there will be a good amount of new viewers tonight. Hopefully for the NHL’s sake, the Bruins/Flyers game is full of some great action. It would really help bring in some new fans.

    The Bruins drew in a lot of new viewers during their playoff run to the Cup. And how could those viewers not love it? It was amazing and great to watch. They need a good game tonight to keep those viewers in. If the Bruins have a great year (Which they should), I could see them pulling over a 5.0 average rating for the season in Boston, easily. The recent Red Sox collapse might also play a factor (Consider the fact that they were already seeing huge declines in almost everything and add in that collapse)

    A couple of great games, full of great hockey and drama, and you can see 900k+ (Maybe over a million) for Game 1, and over 500k for Game 2 (that shouldn’t be difficult)

  2. dyhrdmet says:

    Happy Opening Night!

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