NHL Network To Add Team Cams, Connecticut Studios On the Way

This great article from Jason Dachman at Sports Video Group looks at some of the NHL Net’s enhancements this season:

The NHL Network will drop the puck on the 2010-11 season tonight on the verge of completing a host of production and operations enhancements. These include a master-control center to be launched in February, a TeamCam system that will soon be available at every NHL arena, and a fully redesigned New York City studio that is already being used for the network’s daily news and talk show, NHL Live.

“We’re extremely excited for the start of the season,” says NHL Network VP of Programming Bob Chesterman. “NHL Live and NHL on the Fly have new start times [5 p.m. and 7 p.m. ET, respectively], and we’ve got a lot more in the works this year.”


2 Responses to NHL Network To Add Team Cams, Connecticut Studios On the Way

  1. JASON says:

    they had this tested on the network (team cams) showing pregame at washington last week NHL Live gave a peak while interviewing their broadcaster. good for nhl net on the other stuff coming. way over due. but their own graphics for shown games on nhl network is a great thing. nba tv does this already. studio is the big thing eveyone wants updated. which who knows what this means to the team in canada (duff and gang). they really need to keep them in some capacity. perhaps travelin reporters or something. but feelin from an interview from toronto the fan is that its moving to the USA. i also read in a piece w john collins that more recognizable talent is on the way (after the melrose appearance). so maybe another host besides tappen if duff and amber are gone.

  2. Mike B. says:


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