Steve Cangialosi Gets the Gig in Jersey

According to Tom Gulitti:

Cat is sort of out of the bag already, but Steve Cangialosi will soon be named Devils’ new television play-by-play announcer. Look for Deb Placey to take Cangialosi’s place as the host on Devils’ telecasts on MSG Network/MSG Plus.

As a Devils fan, my brief take: Cangialosi is not on Mike Emrick’s level yet in terms of play-by-play, and I think he would probably admit that. Very few are. But I’ll tell you, I’ve met him a couple of times at games, and met him at the charity event for Jake Wisniewski on Wednesday, and he is most certainly on Doc’s level when it comes to being courteous to the fans, and that will help him win over a lot of people. Good luck to him.

One Response to Steve Cangialosi Gets the Gig in Jersey

  1. dyhrdmet says:

    without having met him, I echo all of your sentiments towards Cangy. Knowing Lou Lamoriello’s affection to bring back the past, it wouldn’t have surprised me to see Gary Thorne the job, but Steve Cangialosi definitely has earned it.

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