NHL On the Fly Gets Rebranded

From Rich Chere of the Newark Star-Ledger, who was at today’s commercial shoot for the show:

The NHL Network is re-branding its “On the Fly” show, using more than a dozen of the league’s stars to illustrate the ability to watch via television, smart phone, laptop, PC, iPad and many other ways.

Devils left winger Zach Parise is among the players who filmed promotional spots for NHL Network, which hopes to unveil its new show Oct. 6 with the catch phrase “Where hockey gets hockey.”

The goal is to show how the NHL Network is part of the players’ daily routine, whether they are traveling or in a locker room before or after a game. The theme is they don’t get enough hockey, whether they are watching on TV, a tablet or a smart phone in their free moments.

One Response to NHL On the Fly Gets Rebranded

  1. nosferatu says:

    Has On the Fly always been available (presumably for free) online, or am I missing something here? Just moved last month to a town where Charter doesn’t even offer the NHL Network, so you could say that my viewing plans are changing “on the fly.” And now, right when Kathryn Tappen joins the network!

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