ESPN To Cover Today’s Crosby Press Conference

This struck me as interesting, considering it is the middle of September and it’s the NHL and it’s ESPN. This comes via a tweet by friend of the site John Buccigross, which he further confirmed to me via e-mail (because, let’s face it, we all have such thick skins about ESPN and hockey that an innocent bystander could have seen this as sarcasm):

Sidney Crosby live news conference coverage on Sportscenter Wed aft.. Melrose too.

ROOT Sports in Pittsburgh and Rogers Sportsnet in Canada will also cover the press conference by the young star, who has been out of action since January as he suffers from post-concussion syndrome. No word yet (as of this writing, which is taking place in the wee hours of Wednesday morning) whether or not NHL Network or anyone else will cover it, but I’ll pass it along if they do. It is scheduled to begin at 12:30 p.m. ET.

4 Responses to ESPN To Cover Today’s Crosby Press Conference

  1. A Moose says:

    Not carrying Crosby’s press conference and lack of coverage/reactions to the disaster in Russia is what makes one infuriated about the NHL Network.

    MLB Network is such a perfect template.

  2. Patrick says:

    The home of hockey slogan is bs….nhl network / gary bettman made empty promises after lockout saying nhl net was coming (2yrs later) and what it would deliver….

  3. kevin says:

    The NHL Network is horrible….used hockey games 24/7….MLB/NFL are great…I’ve never seen NBA TV but I’m sure its better than the NHL Network

  4. Patrick says:

    It is just a tad better

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