Most Frequently Shown Match-ups on US Network Television, 1994-2012

I’ve always wanted to compile this list. Since 1992, the National Hockey League has aired a package of regular season games on various American over-the-air networks (ABC, Fox and NBC). The following list displays the most frequent of those match-ups, starting with the first available schedule, which was 1993-94. Included are the games (Jan. 2 – NY Rangers vs. Philadelphia, Jan. 14 – Chicago vs. Detroit, Feb. 19 – San Jose vs. Detroit/St. Louis vs. Chicago/Pittsburgh vs. Buffalo). Playoffs not included.

1. NY Rangers vs. Philadelphia – 24 games
2. Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia – 16 games
3. Detroit vs. Colorado – 15 games
t4. St. Louis vs. Detroit/NY Rangers vs. Boston/Detroit vs. Chicago – 13 games
7. Los Angeles vs. Anaheim –
12 games
t8. NY Rangers vs. Pittsburgh/Colorado vs. Dallas – 11 games
10. NY Rangers vs. New Jersey – 9 games
t11. Pittsburgh vs. Detroit/Boston vs. Pittsburgh/NY Rangers vs. NY Islanders/Detroit vs. Philadelphia/Chicago vs. St. Louis/Dallas vs. St. Louis – 8 games
t17. Pittsburgh vs. Washington – 7 games
t18. Los Angeles vs. Colorado/Detroit vs. NY Rangers/Los Angeles vs. San Jose – 6 games
t21. Florida vs. Tampa Bay/Detroit vs. Dallas/Chicago vs. Dallas/Boston vs. Philadelphia – 5 games
t25. Boston vs. Washington/Boston vs. Buffalo/Boston vs. Detroit/Colorado vs. St. Louis/Chicago vs. Colorado/Philadelphia vs. Colorado – 4 games
t31. San Jose vs. Anaheim/Colorado vs. San Jose/Phoenix vs. St. Louis/San Jose vs. Dallas/Chicago vs. Boston/Chicago vs. Pittsburgh/Los Angeles vs. Chicago/Buffalo vs. Pittsburgh/Washington vs. Florida – 3 games
t40. Chicago vs. Washington/NY Rangers vs. Florida/Philadelphia vs. Florida/Tampa Bay vs. Washington/St. Louis vs. Los Angeles/Phoenix vs. Dallas/Detroit vs. Minnesota/NY Rangers vs. Chicago/New Jersey vs. Philadelphia/Philadelphia vs. Tampa Bay/Colorado vs. Boston/St. Louis vs. Pittsburgh/Philadelphia vs. Buffalo/Los Angeles vs. Dallas/San Jose vs. Detroit – 2 games

8 Responses to Most Frequently Shown Match-ups on US Network Television, 1994-2012

  1. Ryan says:

    Just goes to show that network TV does take recent performance and star power into account…St. Louis/Detroit matchups would have mostly been during the Brett Hull era, and Colorado/Dallas around the turn of the century. We complain about all the Washington coverage but they don’t show up until #17 because they were toxic to ratings pre-Ovechkin.

  2. Christian T. says:

    Does anyone remember roughly how many years that the national games had regional game over one national game?

  3. Dennis Russell says:

    Now here’s a question…..why don’t the U.S. networks show Canadian teams occasionally. They are part of the League too.

    • Ryan says:

      Conventional wisdom is that they don’t have American fans and thus won’t draw as good of ratings.

      There was a BOS/MTL game on NBC a few years back, reportedly because Dick Ebersol mandated that a game from Montreal be shown.

    • Josh says:

      This is the case in every sport, though. When was the last time the Raptors were on ESPN or ABC? (If you look at the supposed national TV schedule for the upcoming season, you’ll see that they’re scheduled to be on ESPN in April versus Washington, but of course that’s not going to happen.) When was the last time the Blue Jays were on ESPN, Fox or any of the previous baseball broacasters?

      It just doesn’t happen – and that’s even when those teams have been somewhat decent (like the Vince Carter-era Raptors).

  4. Karen says:

    Does anyone think time zones and TV scheduling have anything to do with more east/midwest teams playing?

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