Win a Copy of Ted Starkey’s Transition Game By Predicting How Many VERSUS Games Puck the Media Correctly Predicts!

I thought I’d have a little fun with our fourth contest. Here’s your chance for a free copy of Ted Starkey’s Transition Game. Read the excerpt here. This is how it’ll go.

1. Enter your name and e-mail address in the comments, all folks who have never commented before will be approved.

2. Guess how many of the 72 games you see below that I am predicting will make the VERSUS schedule of 90 for various reasons (timeslot hint, big game, etc.) actually do show up when the slates are released on Thursday. Closest guess wins, you can go over, this isn’t The Price is Right. An additional trivia question would settle any tie.

Deadline is 8 p.m. ET tonight. Good luck!

The games that I am predicting will make the VERSUS schedule are after the jump.

Oct. 6

7:00 Philadelphia vs. Boston

10:00 Pittsburgh vs. Vancouver


Oct. 7

1:00 NY Rangers vs. Los Angeles


Oct. 8

1:00 NY Rangers vs. Anaheim


Oct. 10

7:00 Tampa Bay vs. Washington


Oct. 11

7:30 Florida vs. Pittsburgh


Oct. 12

7:30 Vancouver vs. Philadelphia


Oct. 18

7:30 Pittsburgh vs. Minnesota


Oct. 25

7:30 Tampa Bay vs. Buffalo


Oct. 31

7:00 San Jose vs. NY Rangers


Nov. 1

7:30 Anaheim vs. Washington


Nov. 7

7:00 NY Islanders vs. Boston


Nov. 8

7:30 Carolina vs. New Jersey


Nov. 15

7:30 Colorado vs. Pittsburgh


Nov. 22

7:30 Los Angeles vs. St. Louis


Nov. 28

7:30 Tampa Bay vs. Minnesota


Nov. 29

7:30 Pittsburgh vs. NY Rangers

10:00 Columbus vs. Vancouver


Dec. 5

8:00 Phoenix vs. Chicago


Dec. 6

7:30 Detroit vs. St. Louis

10:00 Los Angeles vs. Anaheim


Dec. 12

7:00 New Jersey vs. Tampa Bay


Dec. 13

9:00 San Jose vs. Colorado


Dec. 14

7:30 Chicago vs. Minnesota

10:00 Phoenix vs. Anaheim


Dec. 19

9:00 Philadelphia vs. Colorado


Dec. 20

7:30 Chicago vs. Pittsburgh


Dec. 21

7:30 Montreal vs. Chicago

10:00 Detroit vs. Vancouver


Dec. 26

7:30 Dallas vs. St. Louis

10:00 Phoenix vs. Los Angeles


Dec. 28

7:30 NY Rangers vs. Washington


Jan. 2

8:00 San Jose vs. Vancouver

10:30 Colorado vs. Los Angeles


Jan. 3

8:00 Detroit vs. Dallas


Jan. 4

7:30 Boston vs. New Jersey

10:00 San Jose vs. Anaheim


Jan. 9

7:30 Vancouver vs. Florida

10:30 Washington vs. Los Angeles


Jan. 10

7:30 San Jose vs. Minnesota

10:00 Dallas vs. Anaheim


Jan. 11

7:30 Pittsburgh vs. Washington


Jan. 17

7:30 Nashville vs. NY Rangers


Jan. 18

7:30 Buffalo vs. Chicago


Jan. 24

9:00 Minnesota vs. Colorado


Jan. 25

7:30 Detroit vs. Montreal


Jan. 31

9:00 Anaheim vs. Phoenix


Feb. 1

8:00 Washington vs. Florida

10:30 Columbus vs. Los Angeles


Feb. 6

8:00 Detroit vs. Phoenix


Feb. 13

7:30 San Jose vs. Washington


Feb. 14

7:30 Anaheim vs. Minnesota


Feb. 20

7:30 Washington vs. Carolina


Feb. 22

8:00 Boston vs. St. Louis


Feb. 27

7:30 New Jersey vs. NY Rangers


Feb. 28

7:30 Los Angeles vs. Minnesota

10:30 Philadelphia vs. San Jose


Feb. 29

7:30 Pittsburgh vs. Dallas

10:00 Buffalo vs. Anaheim


Mar. 4

7:00 Colorado vs. Minnesota


Mar. 5

7:00 Phoenix vs. Pittsburgh


Mar. 6

9:00 Minnesota vs. Colorado


Mar. 19

7:30 Washington vs. Detroit

10:00 Anaheim vs. San Jose


Mar. 21

7:30 Detroit vs. NY Rangers


Mar. 26

7:30 Tampa Bay vs. Philadelphia


Mar. 27

7:30 Tampa Bay vs. Boston


Mar. 28

7:30 Detroit vs. Columbus


Apr. 2

7:00 Washington vs. Tampa Bay


Apr. 3

7:30 Pittsburgh vs. Boston

10:00 Anaheim vs. Vancouver


Apr. 4

7:30 Detroit vs. St. Louis


4 Responses to Win a Copy of Ted Starkey’s Transition Game By Predicting How Many VERSUS Games Puck the Media Correctly Predicts!

  1. Rob says:

    I’ll guess 53.

  2. I know I’m late on this, so I’m ineligible for the book, but I’ll take a guess anyway. I’ll guess 55. I don’t think they will air many of the 10:00pm ET games, I think they will opt for more 10:30pm ET games instead. Just a gut feeling.

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