Win Puck the Media’s Summer Reading Contest #3: James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales’ Those Guys Have All the Fun: Inside the World of ESPN

Had a couple of busy days that put me off schedule for doing a review, but you’ve all heard the stories, and probably even read the excerpt on this site a couple months back. Now here’s your chance to get a free copy.

1. Enter your name and e-mail address in the comments, all folks who have never commented before will be approved.

2. Name your favorite NHL on ESPN moment. Anyone who can link to a video of the moment scores bonus points.

(Next Week: an excerpt and chance to win a free copy of Ted Starkey’s Transition Game)

The person with the most interesting moment (provided it seems somewhat true) will win a free copy of the book. Deadline for submission 5 p.m. ET tonight, winner will be notified via e-mail. Good luck!

9 Responses to Win Puck the Media’s Summer Reading Contest #3: James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales’ Those Guys Have All the Fun: Inside the World of ESPN

  1. Ben Horner says:

    2000 Eastern Conference Finals, Game 7 – Scott Stevens levels Lindros, who as usual was skating into the zone with his head down. Clean hit in my book…Devils go on to win the series on Elias’s goal, and the cup on Arnott’s goal. Great season

  2. Patrick D says:

    Shawn Bates’ Play off Penalty Shot Goal.

  3. Jay Silverman says:

    Jay Silverman, jaysilverman1 at gmail dot com

    The video quality sucks, but this still holds up many years later as one of my favorite moments in NHL history. Lovingly commentated on by Steve Levy and Darren Pang, the night that Tie Domi picked a fight with a Flyers fan who attacked him in the penalty box deserves to be shown on blooper reels across North America until the end of time.

    • Ryan says:

      Great clip, but I’m a bit biased towards the Leafs’ announcers. “What an idiot!” “Watch the lawsuit, Tie!”

  4. Ryan says:

    Ryan Flanagan, rdflanagan at gmail dot com

    A little tough for this one as NHL on ESPN telecasts were rarely simulcast in Canada, and while I did journey to the US a few times during the era, it was always during March Break when ESPN was NCAA hoops-crazy.

    So I’ll go with something that was broadcast on ESPN, even if I didn’t see it there, or really anywhere…

    June 1996. The Colorado Avalanche had endured a rough path to the final, including the genesis of the Colorado/Detroit rivalry. The Florida Panthers, meanwhile, had beaten the odds and plenty of good teams (no offense to Scott Mellanby and Ray Sheppard, but they were no LeClair-Lindros-Recchi) to reach the final.

    Colorado demolished Florida in the first three games, although I didn’t see much of it because I was seven years old and most of the games started late. I was allowed to stay up for Game 4, though, because we had a family connection to the Avs in those days and it could be the clincher.

    I was, of course, very excited to get to stay up and watch the game. But then I wasn’t. I don’t really remember much of the actual play, but a scoreless-through-two-overtimes affair was really boring for a young kid. I fell asleep, and my parents tried to wake me after the second overtime, but my response was “I’ll watch it on Sportsdesk” and then rolling over and going back to sleep. I slept through Uwe Krupp’s goal and the ensuing celebration with my family.

    Number five in this video:

  5. Stephen says:

    I’ll buy the book. But I’ll burn it in my fireplace or maybe put this on YouTube to let everyone know how much I hate ESPN.

  6. Wade says:

    Wade Brown

    My favorite NHL on ESPN moment was before Mario’s first retirement. It looked to be his last ever home game, unless they won the next game in Philly, which they did not. Mario gets a pass up ice from Ian Moran and immediately the excitement starts to build closing in on the final 70 seconds of Mario’s career at home. He takes the pass in stride from center ice and Gary Thorne does a tremendous job at calling the following,”Lemieux heading up ice…HERE HE COMES….HERE HE COMES…MARIO LEMIEUX…HANG ON….HE SCORRRRRRRRRRRES…YOU GOTTA LOVE IT!” Gives me chills every time I hear it. The crowd is going nuts. “Simply the Best” plays on the speakers in the Civic Arena. The excitement of his wife and family in the crowd is great. Thorne captures the enthusiasm and energy of the building in his call of the goal. It’s just one of those videos that brings tears of joy for a fan of not only the Penguins, but of the game of hockey. What hockey fan that watched this game didn’t get a little chocked up/teary eyed when this happened? Even though he came back 3.5 years later on home ice, it doesn’t take away from this moment.

  7. Geoff says:

    Steve Yzerman’s double overtime goal against the Blues to win the series. Takes the puck off of Wayne Gretzky’s turnover and rifles one of the best shots I have ever seen. The call by Gary Thorne is one of the most distinct memories from when I was a childhood and still makes me long for the days of him and Bill Clement calling games. Skip to the 3:50 mark to see the best camera angle and shot of a goal I have ever seen in an NHL game. Just goosebumps all around.

  8. Bruinsfan says: Branden Cordeiro

    My favorite NHL on ESPN moment was Gary Thorne’s call of when Tampa won the Cup in 2004. He used such enthusiasm in making the call and it almost showed the players emotion after winning it well. NHL2Night was also a great show

    NOTE: I really would love this book and hopefully it will help me in pursuing my journalism degree

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