Puck the Media’s Summer Reading/Watching Project #2: The Boston Bruins 2010-11 Championship DVD

Summer can be dull for a hockey writer, especially a hockey media writer. So, I’ve decided to take on a new project until hockey season returns. Every Monday (or at least most Mondays) will feature “Puck the Media’s Summer Reading/Watching Project.” It will contain various hockey/non-hockey books and DVDs and other goodies for the whole family (or just the nerds). Why should you care? Because the Tuesday after every review, you’ll have a chance to win the product reviewed. So check in with me every Monday and Tuesday.

I’ve always had a deep affinity and connection for championship videos and DVDs. One of my first experiences of knowing what hockey even was came from the 1995 New Jersey Devils Stanley Cup Championship DVD. It was everything that was great about hockey. Quick cuts to hits, saves and goals. A young(er) core of superstars and a goaltender named Brodeur. Heck, even the Van Halen song “Runnin’ with the Devil” plays during the video. It is as responsible as any other singular moment in creating a new hockey fan.

It was certainly an interesting experience to watch the 2010-11 Bruins DVD (and blu-ray, in the combo pack offered to me from Warner Home Video). I had no real stake in the team throughout the season and post-season, and Zdeno Chara is my dad’s least favorite player currently living, but I had cordial feelings towards this bunch, and like many hockey fans, found Tim Thomas immensely likable. There was also that Burrows biting incident in Game 1 that made them underdogs against Vancouver. That said, I don’t have as great a connection to these athletes, so one would think the challenge for the producers of the video to get me into this.

I must say, they do a pretty solid job of it. The video is big on who you’d expect (Thomas, Nathan Horton, Milan Lucic) and some unexpected personalities pop out (Peter Chiarelli) to tell the story of how a GM rebuilt a legendary franchise into a Stanley Cup Champion for the first time in 39 years. The DVD begins at an ominous, seminal moment in modern Boston hockey history: the trade of Joe Thornton to the San Jose Sharks in late 2005. From there, they do a great bit of storytelling, showing how the team came together under Chiarelli (sadly, the words “Kessel trade” are not included).

The regular season – as is typical in these videos – is lightly tread upon, with a little footage of the team’s trip to Prague to begin the campaign, a couple of games against the Habs, and the trades for guys like Chris Kelly, Rich Peverly and Tomas Kaberle at the deadline. Other than that, you don’t see much from the regular season, but that’s what you usually see from these, so I’m not all that miffed.

From the playoffs on, the video is terrific. All the beautiful shots, mixed in with insightful commentary, are what cements this as a must-buy for Bruins fans and collectors. Through Montreal, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay and Vancouver, a lot of analysts (Jack Edwards, Dave Goucher, Mike Milbury, Andy Brickley, Bob Ryan) whom add an outsider, Boston perspective to the typically dull player-speak that gives the video it’s charm. It isn’t just about a team, it is about a city dying to return to hockey glory.

As one would expect, there’s not much here for you if you aren’t a Bruins fan of any stature, a diehard NHL fan, or a collector. The bonus features include extra locker room and parade footage, along with a Top 10 of various categories throughout the year, and the terrific History Will Be Made commercials. That said, if you fall into any of the categories I just listed, you should own a copy of this. You will have a chance to in our contest tomorrow.

(Next Week: James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales’ Those Guys Have All the Fun)

2 Responses to Puck the Media’s Summer Reading/Watching Project #2: The Boston Bruins 2010-11 Championship DVD

  1. Branden says:

    GO BRUINS!!!! 🙂

  2. Alan Hirsch says:

    Hi Steve,

    I have been an avid reader at your site for quite some time. Thank you for the good work. My e-mail address is elalancito@yahoo.com. My Bruins’ moment was when Brad Marchmant punched Daniel Sedin in the face four times without retaliation. I don’t mean to be crass but I thought it was a turning point in the series. First, he only got two minutes for roughing. Given that game 6 was already lost by the Canucks. When no one came to Daniel’s defense it signalled a major turning point in the series as game 7 awaited. No one took a shot at Marchand in game 6 and no one dared take a penalty in game 7. Marchmand’s lack of respect for one of the game’s stars went unpunished and tilted game 7 in the Bruins favor.

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