Dave Strader Makes It Official

Via the Coyotes Website:

As I’ve recently completed working my 25th season of TV play-by-play in the National Hockey League, I have some news. I have accepted a multi-year offer from NBC Sports Group to be a full-time play-by-play announcer for their NHL package that begins a 10-year run this fall. While there are many factors, both personal and professional, that went into my final decision, it’s not going to be easy to say goodbye to all the wonderful people I’ve worked with in Phoenix over the past four seasons.

Dave Strader

I want to thank the Coyotes (Doug Moss & Mike Nealy in particular) and Fox Sports Arizona (Mike Connelly) for the opportunity they gave me four years ago and continued support they provided throughout my years in the Valley. I certainly knew that I would enjoy working with my good friend Darren Pang, but I made many new friends and gained a tremendous appreciation for the passion and hard work that went into each Coyotes’ telecast from everyone on the crew. While there are too many people to thank individually in this space, I do want to acknowledge my on-air partners: Todd Walsh, Tyson Nash and Bob Heethuis.


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