NBC to Start Selling League Advertising

From Brian Steinberg of Ad Age:

In a maneuver that might seem as unorthodox as slapping a puck into the goal for the opposing team, NBC Universal is set to assume U.S. ad-sales responsibilities for not only the broadcasts of National Hockey League games it airs on NBC and Versus, but also programming on the NHL’s own cable network and digital properties. The deal puts “all of the NHL media assets under one roof,” said Seth Winter, senior VP-ad sales, NBC Sports and Olympics.


Although the National Basketball Association has in the past turned over some digital ad sales to Time Warner’s Turner, sports leagues and owners of major sports events typically oversee their own advertising relationships.


Approximately 14 NHL staffers will join in a combined venture under NBC Universal’s sports group to sell TV and digital ad inventory surrounding hockey content from both parties, said John Collins, the NHL’s chief operating officer. “We wanted to share sales opportunities, both to protect our corporate partners and to create opportunities for our corporate partners to spend on NBC and Versus.”



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