NHL Draft Coverage Up on VERSUS

Friday’s 2011 NHL Draft, while still very much a cult event, showed improvement on VERSUS much like the NHL Awards on Wednesday did.

The network drew 246,000 viewers for the annual player selection meetings, which for the third year rested on Friday in primetime. This was up 22% from last year’s Draft, which scored 201,000 viewers.

The NHL Draft and NHL Awards averaged 262,000 viewers on the network last week. This was up 23% from the 203,000 the two events averaged last year.

6 Responses to NHL Draft Coverage Up on VERSUS

  1. Eric says:

    Actually up 29% (262/203 = 1.29)

  2. kevin says:

    I think this is the Boston effect….they watch alot of sports on TV especially when their teams are involved.

  3. Kevin says:

    Well if you wanted an example of how Shady Nielsen Ratings are hear you go. During the 4 hour NHL Draft, 29 of the 30 Draft Picks became Worldwide Trending Topics on Twitter. Another 15 NHL Related topics were trending WW, a total of 44. During the NBA Draft, only 16 picks in total were trending WW (Including 2nd rounders).. According to Nielsen over 3 million watched the NBA Draft. More then 10 times as many people. So either every NHL fan is on Twitter or no NBA fans are. (Trending Topics are basic. Whichever topics generates the most tweets becomes one. You can blast me for using Twitter but they’re basically using statistics but these represent more range then 25,000 people..)

    • Ryan says:

      That’s not how trending topics work actually, they’re based on what’s talked about the most, yes, but only relative to how much they’re usually talked about. There were probably more people worldwide (in Australia or wherever) saying “Good morning” than there were talking about Jonathan Huberdeau, but because there’s *always* people saying “Good morning”, that doesn’t have the bounce needed to be a TT. On the other hand Huberdeau is not discussed on Twitter 24/7, so he gets a huge bounce and shows up as a TT.

      • Kevin says:

        Yes that is how Trending Topics work but what you stated is irrelevant.. The same exact thing would be going on during the NBA Draft, correct? So what you said, doesn’t at all change what I said..

  4. kevin says:

    NBA fans are black. They don’t tweet but they do watch basketball. That is why the NBA will always have more viewers than the NHL. Black people don’t watch hockey but they are cultish about basketball.

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