BREAKING: Pierre McGuire to Leave TSN for VERSUS/NBC Official

Big news. Currently seeking confirmations from the NBC Sports Group camp, and hoping to find a way to reach McGuire myself sometime this week. From Pat Hickey via the National Post, straight from McGuire:

The ubiquitous hockey analyst, who has been dividing his time between Canada and the United States since NBC regained the U.S. rights for National Hockey League games in 2006, has decided to concentrate on his duties south of the border.


“It’s a chance to spend more time with my family,” said the 50-year-old McGuire, who has an 11-year-old daughter and a nine-year-old son. “I’ll be doing two games a week for Versus or NBC, and spend one night in the Versus studio.”


McGuire, his wife Melanie and the kids will move in August from Montreal to New Canaan, Connecticut, which is a hop, step and a jump from the Versus studios in Stamford, Conn.


McGuire said he will continue to appear on TSN’s network of radio stations across Canada.


McGuire is referring to the fact NBC recently renewed its contract to cover the Olympic Games.


“I’ll get a chance to work on the next three Summer Games and two Winter Games,” McGuire said.



10 Responses to BREAKING: Pierre McGuire to Leave TSN for VERSUS/NBC Official

  1. Josh says:

    “That was an AWESOME SMASH by Li, who spent her summers playing for the Guangzhou Panthers in the Chinese Junior Table Tennis League!”

    Seriously – what is Pierre McGuire going to do during the Summer Olympics?

  2. Ryan says:

    I’m happy with this. His personality might get more of a chance to show working full-time in the US and could catch on, meanwhile I’ve never been a big fan of his so I’m happy to see him on my TV less while not out of a job.

    Hopefully this sends TSN out recruiting as I don’t really want to see Mike Johnson as a regular national game analyst.

  3. Wade says:

    I’ve always liked Pierre, but he’ll need to stop the constant referring of players about what junior teams they played on now that he’ll be doing American tv broadcasts. Nobody really cares, in the US, that Claude Giroux for Gatineau in the QMJHL. Overall, I’m excited for this move. If Phoenix moves after next season, I’d expect Dave Strader to make the switch full-time to be their #2 PBP guy.

  4. Wade says:

    Also, Darren Pang was the NBC Sports group’s ironmen of calling playoff games this past season. He’d be a good guy to get full-time too, if he were willing to leave St. Louis’s local broadcasts. I don’t see Edzo leaving his gig with the Hawks, but NBC now owns CSN Chi, so it could make for an easy transition. #1 team Doc/Edzo/Pierre (Inside the glass), #2 Strader/Engblom/Pang (Inside the glass).

  5. Stephen says:

    I knew this was coming. Well, the people up north got their wishes and want him out. But I’m glad Pierre McGuire is coming to NBC/VERSUS as not only their Inside the Glass analyst but their studio analyst as well.

    Also, in a big surprise, he’ll be working on both the Summer and WInter Olympics as well. So that’s pretty great.

  6. For anyone who hasn’t heard him in studio, he is usually much calmer and better. The exception is on trade deadline day where I swear he drinks energy drinks all day long.

  7. eddie says:

    You know in the end mcguire has done a lot for hockey. I like his passion. Sometimes he gets on my nerves. For him working in the states this will help for sure growing the game. Plus, more time with his family. This guy has been a work horse for hockey the last few years between 3 networks. This perfect. Lots of money and time with the family.

  8. Trent says:

    I am happy for Pierre. I liked him. TSN will have a void.

    I hope TSN takes a big run at Darryl Reaugh (Dallas Stars).

    • Ryan says:

      Is Darren Eliot’s status still up in the air for next year? If he wants to stay in hockey, he can’t stay in Atlanta, and he’s certainly got the chops to work nationally on either side of the border…

      • Personally, my money is on TSN getting Eliot. He is out of a full-time job with the Thrashers moving, he is Canadian and he has already did some studio work for TSN. Seems like a great fit to me. He could probably continue to do some work for Versus as well.

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