NHL Awards Up 35% on VERSUS, Hit 15-year High on CBC

Though the NHL Awards remain a bit of cult event, even among the already niche level of hockey viewers, this year’s telecast showed signs of improvement.

Wednesday night’s Jay Mohr-hosted telecast, which aired live from Las Vegas on VERSUS, averaged 279,000 viewers in the states according to the network. That was up 35% from last year’s broadcast, which drew 206,000 viewers.

Meanwhile, CBC scored 914,000 viewers for the event, which airs on at least a one-hour tape delay in many markets. That was the highest the network had scored for the awards ceremony in 15 years. A total of 1,194,000 viewers tuned in across North America.

5 Responses to NHL Awards Up 355 on VERSUS, Hit 15-year High on CBC

  1. Kevin says:

    According to the shady, not 100% correct, inaccurate, not legit Nielsen Ratings….

    • Ryan says:

      You’ve made this point many times over. We get it. If it’s that concerning, surely there’s a better forum to effect change then the comments section of a hockey media blog.

      • Kevin says:

        I can’t change shit.. There’s nothing that can be done unless they decide to change it.. I realize these numbers aren’t accurate, yet I’m still addicted to knowing the information.

  2. kevin says:

    The show is like watching a train wreck. No wonder the number of viewers is increasing. More bad jokes and B grade actors/actresses will only help the ratings

  3. Christian T. says:

    The NHL seems to be the only league that seems to air their award announcements. The other leagues just have press releases

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