Where in the World Will Puck the Media Be this Summer? A Guide to the Site the Next Few Months

I have a tendency to sort of come and go during the summer months, so I thought I’d let you know what’s coming up.

Awards and Draft – I’ll have my thoughts on the coverage of both events, including my annual plea for VERSUS to produce it’s own coverage of the draft rather than hopping on TSN’s, throughout this week.

2011-12 NHL Schedule – I am not sure of when the league’s schedule for next season will come out. It happened during the similar week last year, and I have heard some rumor to that happening this year. When it does come out, we’ll scope through it and look at some of the potential TV games (Black Friday? Winter Classic? HNIC?) throughout the year.

2011-12 NHL TV Schedule – You know Puck the Media is the place to be for all 2011-12 NHL TV schedule news, when that all comes out in August, I’ll be around.

That still leaves a huge gap in July. I’m sure I’ll get around to some interviews (I plan to post a full conversation I had with Mike Emrick and John Shannon on the Glowing Puck later this summer) and the occasional piece, but I’d love some suggestions from you folks on what you’d like to see. The comments section grew into a very lively place this season, and I’d love to read some ideas.

Thank you for supporting Puck the Media during an up and down, in and out 2011-12 season. Enjoy your summer. No matter what, it appears I’ll be ready and raring to go come September and October. For now – well, for after this week – a bit of a break.

5 Responses to Where in the World Will Puck the Media Be this Summer? A Guide to the Site the Next Few Months

  1. Kevin says:

    Some NHL writer tweeted the schedule was supposed to be out on Tuesday but they might wait until after the Winnipeg situation is done tomorrow. So maybe Wednesday or Thursday.

    I’m also want to know if they will be doing HDIA again and I think they can do a lot more with it this year. Where will it be hosted?

  2. Stephen says:

    Is there a chance, Stevelepore, that you’ll review on the debut of the NBC Sports Network next month?

  3. Ryan says:

    Just to throw a few ideas at you (maybe you’ve already thought of these and dismissed them), you could try and talk to current NHL announcers about their careers, styles, and thoughts of announcing, or post clips from Youtube of old NHL broadcasts and comment on them, or run a “July Madness” tournament of 64 NHL announcers with fan voting to determine the favourites, or look at broadcasting at other levels of the game and in other countries (obviously a lot of work and the potential to not be that interesting aside from a few beloved local junior announcers).

    No offense, but there are a million and one places I can already go to find people talking about what’s on the ice or even in the front office – I’m not that interested in seeing more of that here. My advice would be to stick to stuff related to broadcasting, because there’s not a lot of people doing that and you’re good at it.

  4. Patrick says:

    Interview charles coplin or john collins on when the hell a new nhl network will be done in either canada or nbc studios in ct. Along w any plans they hav for an hd studio new faces, programming shows etc.

  5. Andrew says:

    Any news on the Versus re-branding would be great!

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