Game 6 Draws New Series High, Well Short of Chicago’s 2010 Clincher

Despite a game that was never really close, the Stanley Cup Final easily hit a series high in the overnights for NBC on Monday evening.

Last night’s Game 6, an easy win for Boston, drew a 3.9 overnight rating for the network, easily the highest-rated game of the 2010 season. Though this was down 33% from last year’s epic Chicago/Philadelphia series closer – which drew a 5.8 – it is even from the last non-clinching Game 6 NBC aired, between Detroit and Pittsburgh in 2009, which also scored a 3.9. It is up a terrific 44% from Game 6 of the 2006 Carolina/Edmonton Final, which is the last Game 6 to feature a Canadian team.

I’ll have more numbers as they come in a little later today.


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8 Responses to Game 6 Draws New Series High, Well Short of Chicago’s 2010 Clincher

  1. kevin says:

    Game 7 should do a 5.0 I would think…pretty good for a Canadian team being involved. That’s assuming the Canucks show up. Too bad the Canucks are so pathetic. The ratings would have been even better if they were a competitive team

  2. Kevin says:

    I use to love these types of things (Viewership and ratings info) and even did a big project on it this year (I came to this site for most of the info) but I looked into it and it’s all pretty much bullshit..

    I saw this on a post over @ TVByTheNumbers and thought it applied and sums up pretty much what I think of it. (I think someone I know posted this comment but I could be wrong haha)

    “How can anyone take these numbers as fact? They take a sample from 0.04% of the U.S Households. Tell me how they know what everyone (About 116 Million HH’s) is watching based off that number? Can that even be considered a decent sample size? It’s kind of sad that we take these numbers as proof when they’re most likely millions of people off on every show/event (In both directions..). It’s basically a guess. A blind monkey can throw a dart at a board full of numbers and those viewership numbers would be equally factual.

    I’m not saying more people are watching the NHL, it could be even less for all we know. This is in general. I understand this is all they have right now but I have no idea how anyone can consider these numbers legit..”

  3. kevin says:

    That’s the way they have done ratings forever. It’s called “statistics” and its as accurate as anyone can hope to be short of polling 330 million people every nite

    • Kevin says:

      It’s not accurate at all.. Taking 25,000 people out of 116,000,000? (Only 116M HH’s have TV’s).. All there doing is guessing.. With technology they have today, they could easily find out what everyone is watching at all times.. Like I said “This is all they have right now” but it’s not factual at all. They need to come up with a better system that actually tracks what people are watching.

  4. Andrew says:

    In this article you say that game 6 in 2009 got a 3.9. In another article you wrote that it did a 4.1.

    2006, Carolina vs. Edmonton – 2.2/4
    2007, Anaheim vs. Ottawa – NO GAME
    2008, Detroit vs. Pittsburgh* – 4.4/7
    2009, Detroit vs. Pittsburgh – 4.1/7
    2010, Chicago vs. Philadelphia* – 5.8/10

    • stevelepore says:

      That is my fault. The pifeedback report from 2009 said a 3.9, NBC said a 4.1 Clearly, NBC’s not trying to hide anything, go with the NBC numbers. I’ll adjust in this story when I get a chance.

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