Could Pierre McGuire Bolt TSN For VERSUS/NBC?

It’d make sense, as NBC/Versus seems to prefer Doc/Edzo/Pierre as their #1 team. Be hard to justify keeping McGuire off of TSN while allowing Emrick and Olczyk to continue working for New Jersey and Chicago, though I suppose what they want is McGuire’s exclusivity during the post-season, where they’ve often had to substitute Darren Pang or Brian Englbom. From Ken Campbell of The Hockey News:

Speculation at the Stanley Cup final is that hockey analyst Pierre McGuire could be leaving TSN to take a permanent position as an analyst with NBC and Versus.


McGuire already does work for both networks, but it’s believed NBC and Versus would prefer to have him on an exclusive basis. One scenario that has been floated is McGuire would leave TSN as a regular game analyst, but would do some special events, such as the World Junior Championship, for the Canadian network.


Talks are continuing and will likely be resolved soon. When asked about prospects for his future and his contract status with both TSN and NBC/Versus, McGuire declined comment.



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8 Responses to Could Pierre McGuire Bolt TSN For VERSUS/NBC?

  1. kevin says:

    They should fire Milbury and hire Maguire……

  2. e says:

    There are rumors that Olyzk might be going back to work in the front office for the Black Hawks. Maybe NBC wants to make sure they have McGuire as a back up to be the #1 analyst if Olzyck bolts.
    I really want Jeremy Roenick to be the #1 analyst. He would add a little more spice and controversy.

  3. Chris S says:

    I personally wouldn’t want to see Pierre leave TSN. He’s their best analyst. I guess Mike Johnson could take over for him though.

  4. Stephen says:

    Well, that petition that a lot of Canadians wrote on worked. Oh well, he’ll have fun with NBC/VERSUS.

  5. Assuming McGuire does leave TSN, the big question is who does TSN replace him with? I think the answer may be another Comcast employee. With the Thrashers moving to Winnipeg Darren Eliot (a Canadian) no longer has a daily job. He has worked some for TSN recently. I think he would be the perfect guy to replace Pierre as TSN’s #1 analyst.

    Although a lot of people hate Pierre, I like him. I think Eliot may be a better analyst though. The few times I’ve heard him on Versus, I’ve really liked his work.

    • Stephen says:

      I like Pierre as well. It’s just a shame that other people hates him so much. Sure that he’s annoying and ruins some great calls, but he’s funny and a good Inside the Glass Analysts/Reporter. At least he’s still with NBC/VERSUS since the renamed is coming up on July 18th. Can’t wait until next season for more of Pierre.

    • Robert says:

      It is simple, Ray Ferraro takes over McGuire’s position.

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