Stanley Cup Final Down 13% From Last Year, About 5K Viewers From Game 3

American coverage of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final remained down from the 2010 series, but are still solid considering that a Canadian team is participating.

Game 4 of the championship series, in which the Bruins tied the best-of-seven at two games apiece, drew 2.71 million viewers on VERSUS. This is down 13% from the comparable match-up last year (PHI/CHI, Game 4 drew 3.1 million) and down about 4,000 viewers from Game 3, which drew 2.75 million viewers on Monday night.

Game 4 was the second most-watched program of the night on cable television, being beaten by CMT’s coverage of the CMT Music Awards (2.89 million viewers). It was also the second most-watched program among Adults 18-49 on cable, scoring a 1.1, and bested only by the season finale of South Park (1.3) on Comedy Central.

Through four games, the 2011 Stanley Cup Final on NBC and VERSUS have averaged 3.4 million viewers. This is down 20% from the 2010 Stanley Cup Final, which had drawn 4.23 million viewers on average through four games. It is also down 17% from the 2009 Stanley Cup Final, which drew an average of 4.05 million viewers through Game 4. However, they’re still solid numbers for a Stanley Cup Final featuring a Canadian team, as VERSUS has produced the two largest audiences for Cup games featuring teams from Canada since 1994.


3 Responses to Stanley Cup Final Down 133 From Last Year, About 5K Viewers From Game 3

  1. Edward says:

    This works. I think this shows that hockey has some kind of a foundation especially with a Canadian team. I think were setting up for some surprising numbers for 5, 6 and hopefully a game 7.

  2. Kevin says:

    Game One was great and the Versus numbers are pretty good. It’s the Game 2 numbers that should’ve been better.

    I honestly think Game 5-6 could get 5m+ on NBC and we could easily see over 6M for Game 7.

    Do you know CBC numbers for Games 3 and 4?

  3. kevin says:

    Vancouver isn’t contributing anything to American ratings. Honestly, no one know any Canucks. The Sedins are incredibly boring hockey players. They are lucky Boston is involved. Tampa would have been a disaster.

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