NBC Wins Rights to the Next Four Olympic Games

NBC now owns rights to the Olympics through 2020, and the NHL through 2021. You see what I’m getting at here, right?

The Associated Press’ Steve Wilson reports that NBC has won the rights to the 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2020 Olympic Games, meaning NBC and it’s corporate family (including VERSUS) remain the home for the Olympic Games. I’ll post a press release when one becomes available.


13 Responses to NBC Wins Rights to the Next Four Olympic Games

  1. Kevin says:

    I like this.. I just hope the NHL doesn’t go to Russia in 2014..

  2. kevin says:

    I think the NHL will have to go now….NBC will probably cut them a deal some way. The NHL belongs in the Olympics

  3. Kevin says:

    Stupid for the NHL to go. It’s an 8 hour difference. The latest the games would start is 8-9am on the East and 4-5am on the West. But it’s more likely to be around 5-6am on the East and 2-3am on the West. And this is during the week. And the Gold Medal Game will be on at 7am EST at the latest (Probably a lot earlier).. They could tape delay the games but isn’t that what everyone complains about? People would already know the score and a lot less people would watch. Not to mention it’s not fair to the NHL players and teams…

    • Kevin says:

      Well games could start as late as 12pm EST, but the Gold Medal Game would be @ 7am at the latest and probably a lot earlier..

    • Josh says:

      Maybe they should just cancel all of the Olympics because every time, someone, somewhere can’t watch them at a convenient time.


      • Kevin says:

        1) I have no problem with delay but it seems like everyone else does.
        2) The Olympics will still go on and there will still be hockey but without NHL players.
        3) The only reason sending NHL players is worth it is because people will watch and it will supposedly “grow the game”..
        4) I like the NHL players in the Olympics but sending them over to Russia is wrong.

  4. leafsfan1967 says:

    …And I wonder would NBC, the great believers in the tape delay method of broadcasting, show any games live?

    • John LA says:

      Every event will be shown live, either on TV or online………..more than likely mostly online

  5. kevin says:

    So anyone that lives anywhere outside of North American doesn’t matter…………………

    • Kevin says:

      Last time I checked the NHL was played in North America. There will still be hockey in the olympicsno matter what but the NHL players have to travel 8 hours and then live there for 2 weeks. Then come right back and play NHL hockey. It’s not fair to the players, NHL teams or the fans who invest money in NHL teams.. The players from Euro leagues and the KHL can still play all they want..

  6. kevin says:

    Half the NHL is from outside North America. If you want to go back to an all Canadian NHL go ahead…but it would suck. I mean the best players on Vancouver and Boston are NOT Canadian. I won’t even mention the best team in the league Detroit….I guess I just did

  7. Christian T. says:

    For Russia the NHL will send players for one reason the Russian players want it. They did Canada and the sizeable Russian faction in the NHL will fight for it and with the KHL being a possibility they want to keep them happy. After that who knows.

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