NBC Hypes Gains For Game 1

NEW YORK – June 2, 2011 — Last night’s Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final, which featured the Vancouver Canucks defeating the Boston Bruins, 1-0, produced the best overnight rating for a Game 1 in 12 years. The broadcast generated a 3.2 overnight rating and 6 share up 14 percent compared to last year’s Game 1 (Philadelphia-Chicago, 2.8/6) and the best overnight for a Game 1 since 1999 (Buffalo vs. Dallas, 3.7 on Fox).



Boston was the top-rated market on the night with a 25.5/39, the highest-rated NHL game in Boston dating back to at least 1995, and topping the Boston rating for last year’s NBA Finals Game 1 featuring the Celtics-Lakers (19.1/34).



This is the first Stanley Cup Final featuring a Canadian team since the Ottawa Senators faced the Anaheim Ducks in 2007. The 3.2 overnight for last night’s game is 113 percent higher than the first network broadcast of that series (1.5/3 for Game 3).



Top Metered Markets For Game 1


1. Boston, 25.5/39

2. Providence, 16.7/24

3. Buffalo, 7.2/11

4. Hartford, 5.5/8

5. Pittsburgh, 4.3/7



7 Responses to NBC Hypes Gains For Game 1

  1. kevin says:

    Honestly, it should be up from last year which was played on Sat nite. However, I’m sure they were worried with Vancouver involved that it might tank like Ott/Ana did. At least now they know the numbers should be decent thanks to Boston being involved. I really think the NHL should look at putting all the Canadian teams in one division to avoid an all Canadian Final. That is not gong to help TV numbers if it ever happens.

    • KevinS says:

      I don’t think this has anything to do with Boston. If this was the Lightning and the Sharks it would drawn well. I think people are tuning into the NHL and with all the worry that if a non-NBC7 team was in the Final the ratings would be down. I now believe that if there is at least one US based team then there will be good ratings. If the Final was Tampa vs. Nashville it would be good for ratings.

      • Arthur says:

        Put down the hash pipe and get over this NBC7 crap theory of yours. You can’t be serious with your thinking that the great rating had nothing to do with Boston being in it.
        There is no way a TB-SJ gets anywhere near the number last night got. For NBC this is a great day as they only get 1 team’s home market to drive the needle on Nielsen.
        I agree with you that the league as a whole is on a fantastic upswing in popularity. But a smaller market team like your Nashville Predators, with no superstars on it like the current teams playing for the Cup, would not have moved the needle anywhere close to what the city of Boston did last night.

  2. Colton says:

    When will people realize that the NHL doesn’t just operate in the USA. The core of their audience is in Canada. An all Canadian final would get an average of at least 12-14 million viewers per game just in Canada(including RDS). Add maybe 3-4 million from the US and that’s 15-18 million PER GAME!!!

    Last year the two biggest American markets, Chicago and Philly had around 3 million in Canada and like 5-6 million in the US.

    An all Canadian final would be the most watched series in NHL history in total north american viewership. Especially if it involved Toronto or Montreal. I wish people in the USA would understand this. That the NHL’s growth and numbers aren’t just compliled in the US like what the NBA is.

    • Ryan says:

      Sure, but the NHL gets money from NBC ad revenue, and doesn’t get it from CBC ad revenue. For that reason alone, US ratings are (deservedly) more important to the league.

  3. Pappy says:

    ” If this was the Lightning and the Sharks it would drawn well.”

    We hope, but also it’s worth mentioning that everyone knows that if it was San Jose vs. Boston, it would have drawn better than Vancouver vs. Boston.

    For last night, they are saying about 1 million watched in the Boston area. Since the total US viewership was 4.5M, that means outside of Boston only 3.5M Americans watched Game 1. You have to think if it was San Jose vs. Boston, that total number could have been 6-7M, at least.

  4. Edward says:

    This is a great small victory. I’m not going to jump up and pump my chest but, with having a canadian team in this shows the NHL has a little bit of substance at least compared to 6 years ago. The trend has been very small and growing but, the folks at NBC have to be happy going forward for this series. I think it get’s more people fired up. Does it help not being up against the NBA hell yeah. NHL better not make that mistake again. Imagine if this was a Detroit vs Boston final? probably could tack on another mill possibly for this game one. I figured this final would draw decent ratings scratch around 5 mill maybe but, to beat last years Game 1 is very impressive. The ratings in Canada wow! I’m from Edmonton I knew they would be big but, hockey has hit an all new high up here in the last few years the ratings are getting better.

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