How the Stanley Cup Final Did in Both NHL and Non-NHL Markets

Here’s a collection of ratings in the top 56 local markets in the country, the “metered markets.” First, we’re going to rank the 21 NHL markets in the United States (for curiosity’s sake, Atlanta will still be included) and then the 44 non-NHL markets that were measured. Enjoy.

NHL Markets Local Ratings For Game 1 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final

1. Boston – 25.5/39
2. Buffalo – 7.2/11
3. Pittsburgh – 4.3/7
4. Minneapolis/St. Paul – 4.2/8
5. Detroit – 4.2/7
6. Columbus – 3.6/6
t7. Philadelphia – 3.3/5
t7. Nashville – 3.3/5
9. Washington – 3.0/5
10. Tampa Bay – 2.9/5
11. New York –  2.8/5
12. Denver – 2.7/5
13. Chicago – 2.6/5
14. St. Louis – 2.6/4
15. Raleigh-Durham – 2.4/4
16. Dallas – 2.1/4
17. Phoenix – 1.7/3
18. San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose  – 1.4/3
19. Los Angeles – 1.3/3
20. Atlanta – 1.3/2
21. Miami – 1.2/2

Non-NHL Markets Local Ratings For Game 1 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final

1. Providence – 16.7/24
2. Hartford – 5.5/8
3. Ft. Myers – 3.9/7
4. Richmond – 3.9/6
t5. Sacramento – 3.4/6
t5. Las Vegas – 3.4/6
7. Greensboro/Winston-Salem – 3.2/5
8. Baltimore – 2.9/5
9. Greenville/Asheville – 2.9/4
10. Austin – 2.8/5
11. Norfolk – 2.7/4
12. Orlando – 2.5/4
13. San Diego – 2.4/5
14. West Palm Beach – 2.4/4
15. Seattle – 2.3/5
t16. Albuquerque/Santa Fe – 2.3/4
t16. Tulsa – 
18. Memphis – 2.3/3
t19. Knoxville – 2.2/3
t19. Dayton – 
21. Oklahoma City – 2.1/3
22. Jacksonville – 2.0/3
23. Houston – 1.7/3
t24. Portland – 1.6/3
t24. Salt Lake City – 1.6/3
26. San Antonio – 1.5/2
27. Charlotte – 1.4/2
t28. Indianapolis – 1.3/2
t28. Louisville – 1.3/2
t30. Cincinnati – 1.2/2
t30. Milwaukee – 1.2/2
t30. New Orleans – 1.2/2
t33. Cleveland – 1.1/2
t33. Birmingham – 1.1/2
35. Kansas City – 0.8/1

(Source: Son of the Bronx)


26 Responses to How the Stanley Cup Final Did in Both NHL and Non-NHL Markets

  1. kevin says:

    Yeah…let’s put a team in Kansas City….NOT! And could they please put a team back in Hartford…move the Islanders there. No one will care…..

    • Kevin says:

      Stupid.. No one will care?? I’m a Rangers fan and I’ll admit the Islanders have a great fanbase. The arena was packed at the end of the season, why? Cause the team is finally good again. You know how long they were bad for? The fans are supporting the team again and if they keep up the good play next year (which is likely) then they’re in a good position.. Plus they’re about to build a new arena for the team.

      Of course, I’m responding to you.. Not sure why, I usually don’t talk to dumbfucks.. You’re either a mindless internet troll or your life is so bad/sad that you feel like going on the internet and complaining about everything. Spewing dumb statements when you don’t know shit..

    • Sean says:

      Hartford needs the Whalers back, not the Islanders. The Islanders have a huge fanbase, it’s just that the team has sucked for almost 20 years.

      Do you really think the NHL would let a team leave the NY market for the Hartford market? Uhh, no. Hartford is an option for another failed Sun Belt team like the Coyotes or Panthers.

    • Martin says:

      Maybe you need to look at affiliate strength. The NBC affiliate in KC is almost always 4th in ratings there. It’s one of NBC’s poorest performing stations. That should always be looked at when it comes to network ratings. You see the opposite in Las Vegas. KSNV is usually LV’s number 1 station in ratings. That certainly helps the overall ratings.

  2. kevin says:

    What’s up with Fort Myers…it always has good numbers. Las Vegas is starting to look good to me too. Seattle is not bad, either

    • Sean says:

      Snowbirds. It’s all old people from the Northeast. Ditto for Las Vegas, old people from New York who retired there.

      I have no reasonable explanation as to why Seattle is doing good. But they love soccer so I guess hockey makes sense.

      • James Bray says:

        Seattle is probably doing much better than reported. The NBC affliate usually puts the Stanley cup final on a sister station because most of us watch the CBC.

  3. Mark says:

    Can’t wait for Columbus to get good because there is a big hockey following there and it shouldn’t be a surprise if u consider the college hockey there.

  4. Colton says:

    The ratings will only get better from here-on. If it does go 7 games, I think they could hit double digits.

  5. M says:

    Just remember that the Seattle (and possibly Detroit and Buffalo) numbers are lower than actual viewership due to CBC being available. CBC viewers in the US don’t get counted in either rating number.

  6. Sean says:

    I live in Hartford and I can’t believe how many Bruins fans have come out of the woodwork. Frankly, I find it disgraceful. If you ever rooted for the Whalers, you can NOT root for the Bruins.

  7. Dirk Hoag says:

    Is there any way you could get similar numbers for the NBA Finals? It would be interesting to compare for certain markets.

  8. Rhett says:

    Seattle 15th in non-market ratings with a good 2.3, and that’s with it being on KONG as opposed to KING. Decent numbers considering.

  9. kevin says:

    The Islanders have a fanbase? Admittedly they stink and the owner is incompetent but they draw 8,000 most nights. If the Rangers stunk…and yes they have stunk alot…they still have 18,000 every nite. NY is a Rangers town. The only games the Islanders or Devils sell out are when the Rangers come to town. NYC is not a Islanders town. It is not a Devils town. There is no need for three teams in greater New York. Its stupid. It’s like having a team in Anaheim and LA..totally pointless. The only reason there are two teams in LA is because the NHL wanted to take Disney’s money so bad. The only reason there are two teams in NY is due to the NHL’s fear of the WHA back in the 70’s. Two really dumb reasons for expansion.

    • Kevin says:

      I know you have no idea what you’re talking about but I’ll respond anyway.. Did you see the arena late in the season? Almost full on most nights. Arena only holds 16k and it’s a complete shit arena. The team was one of the best teams in the NHL from about January on, and fans are supporting them. They are a young team with a bright future and that’s all the fans were asking for. I know a lot of Islanders fans and all the fans wanted for the last 5 years is a good young team that will compete and actually has a future. Which they now have. Plus they’re building a new arena for the team/city anyway..

    • Walter Sobchak says:

      Remember, the Islanders don’t cater to residents of the City, Jersey, Westchester, or Connecticut. The Rangers own those areas. They are for Long Island only, and with 3-4 million people in Nassau and Suffolk Counties it should and is enough to sustain a team, as long as it wins and has a nice arena that is easy to get to by both road and transit (the Islanders have none of this).

  10. Mike in Idaho says:

    Interesting that Sacramento was over twice as high as SF/Oakland. What’s with the bay area anyway, even the Sharks’ deep run this year didn’t do that well there.

  11. kevin says:

    They sold out one game against Pittsburgh because they were hoping for a brawl. The Islanders were one of the worst teams attendance wise all year. Maybe they sold out a Rangers game and a Pens game the last month of he season. So what..the crowd was 50% Rangers and Pens fans I guarantee it.

    • Kevin says:

      So you’re saying if you don’t sellout a game, there’s no one there?? I realize through your comments that you’re ignorant but maybe it’s cause you’re illiterate?? It seems like you can’t read what I’m typing… I’m not going to keep repeating the same shit so go read it up there.

      Maybe they started the year 5-18-5? Do you think anyone wants to watch that shit? Then they got hot around the end of December and played great for the rest of the season. Aside form a few games where NYC had bad snow problems, they did much better in attendance for the rest of the season.

      Teams like Phoenix, Atlanta, Florida and Dallas post attendances of 12k+ but yet if you look at the highlights or video, there’s almost no one in the arena (a couple thousand at most). But late in the year when the Islanders were playing good, they were posting the same attendances as these other teams but people WERE ACTUALLY @ THE GAME.

      As a Rangers fan, I hate the Islanders but I can easily name 5 teams that should be moved before them (Florida, Phoenix, Dallas, Columbus, Anaheim)… But I think only 2 of these teams should actually be moved (Florida and Phoenix)..

      • Mike in Idaho says:

        I would argue about moving Florida, ownership there has given fans absolutely nothing to cheer about and their 10+ year run of not making the playoffs has got to be close to an NHL record. I am sure they won’t make the playoffs again next season, firing their coach after this season was absolutely stupid since they never give him anyone to work with. They had great support in the ’90s when they were halfway good, plus there are a lot of snowbirds who go to games to cheer for the opposition, most games I have seen there the crowd is always half-half.

  12. kevin says:

    Don’t forget New Jersey fans suck too. Three Stanley Cups and a new arena and they never sellout. New York does not need three teams

    • Chris S says:

      Uh oh, the guy who runs this blog is a Devils fan, and I think I speak for everyone here who hopes he bans you. You’re an annoying troll.

  13. Jim says:

    What is with these anemic Bay Area ratings? It makes me ashamed to be from there.

  14. kevin says:

    I was just stating facts. NJ is a lukewarm hockey market at best. Half the state is serviced by the NYR and the other half is Flyers country. The sad fact is most teams locate to somewhere they can get a free arena….not a great reason to relocate.

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