Four Million Canadians Watched The Canucks Win The Campbell Bowl

Millions of Canadian hockey fans tuned into CBC’S HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA Tuesday night to watch the Canucks earn their spot in the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals. Game Five between the Vancouver Canucks and San Jose Sharks drew an average audience of 4.03 million viewers*, only to be surpassed by Game 7 in the Toronto/Los Angeles series in 1993, which drew 4.24 million viewers.

The audience for Tuesday’s Vancouver-San Jose nail-biter peaked at 10.7 million viewers.

* Source: BBM Canada, Total Canada, Overnight, Ind. 2+, AMA, Share, Reach, May 24/11


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3 Responses to Four Million Canadians Watched The Canucks Win The Campbell Bowl

  1. kevin says:

    It’s weird that Canucks take this so seriously… it is so important that a Canadian team win the Cup. Vancouver is mostly Euro players. The Bruins have more Canadian players than the Canucks. It’s not about Canada you idiots…..Nobody in the US says….gee I hope an American team wins…that would be stupid…most teams are made up of Swedes, Finns, Russians and Canadians. Canadians have a huge complex about this….that is why they always cheer for any team that plays the US in international competition

    • Ryan says:

      First of all the last part is not true in any way – Canadians like a good David-vs-Goliath story as much as anyone, but the vast majority of Canadians don’t cheer against the US unless they’re playing Canada.

      And as for the rest of it, you wouldn’t find it weird at all if you actually knew Canadians in any way – Americans are more proud of America than Canadians are of Canada, but Canadians are more proud of fellow Canadians than Americans are of fellow Americans. It’s a subtle distinction, but an important one.

  2. Eric says:

    Just to clarify — this is for the 3rd (conference final or league semi-final) round.

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