Boston Scores Big For Game 4 On NBC

NBC’s numbers show that while the Boston market has hit a fever pitch, there is still some growing that needs to be done in “less traditional” though successful on-ice markets like Tampa Bay and the Bay Area.

NBC’s broadcast of Game 4 between the Bruins and Lightning – which drew a 1.5 nationally – scored a 12.3/36 in Boston (#7 in US TV market size). That means more than a third of all televisions turned on at the time were watching the Bruins lose to the Lightning. The broadcast is well up from NBC’s last Bruins telecast, though it was for a Game 1 in the last round against Philadelphia. That telecast drew an 11.1/29.

The game drew a 5.2/14 in Tampa Bay (#13 in TV market size), which isn’t bad (considering that Game 1 between the Bruins and Flyers drew a 6.6/17 in Philadelphia) but not world-beating.

The Sunday broadcast of Game 4 between the Sharks and Canucks had a bit more of an uphill climb, ratings-wise, since it featured a Canadian team and only had one local market to draw from. That market was San Jose/San Francisco, where the game scored a 4.5/15 in the country’s sixth biggest television market. Again, a decent number, but not much higher than NBC’s Game 2 broadcast of Red Wings/Sharks a few weeks ago, which drew a 4.3/14. The game hit a 1.3 rating nationally.


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10 Responses to Boston Scores Big For Game 4 On NBC

  1. kevin says:

    They’re called frontrunners. Boston and New York are full of ’em.

  2. Mike in Idaho says:

    I think the Tampa rating is pretty good considering they have only had a team 20 years and the Bruins have been entrenched for 75 or 80.

  3. kevin says:

    I don’t see how you put two teams in Florida and two teams in LA…no one has ever explained that one. They will only cannabilize one another. It was all a ponzi scheme to grab expansion fees. The owners are too greedy to actually promote the game in a sustainable way.

    • Kevin says:

      The Lightning and Panthers are separated by over 5 hours…. The fact that the Panthers have no fans is another issue but 5 hours is pretty damn far….

  4. Eric says:

    If the Bruins should advance to the finals, it would help off-set that there will be only one US market in the finals.

    Consider this, the B’s drew a 36 share in Boston. Last year (thanks PTM archives), the Flyers drew an average share of 38 for the four games on NBC in the FINALS. (The rating in Philadelphia was much higher because the finals all aired in prime time and this was an afternoon game in Boston.)

    While it is unlikely that the NHL will be able to exceed last year’s rating on NBC, it will be interesting to see if they can come close to, or beat, the Pittsburgh-Detroit ratings from 2009 despite having only one US market competing for Lord Stanley’s Cup.

  5. kevin says:

    I drove from Tampa to Miami…didn’t take 5 hours

    • Eric says:

      You do realize that you are talking about two of the 20 largest TV markets in the US, don’t you? Probably why the NFL and MLB also have teams in both. The NBA comes close as Orlando is about 85 miles from Tampa.

  6. Mike in Idaho says:

    As I recall from being there a few years ago, Tampa – Ft. Lauderdale takes about 4 hours if you go through Orlando like I did. I don’t think those two teams cannibalize each other as they are farther apart than many eastern teams and they are in separate TV markets. I think you can make a case for LA-Anaheim being too close together, LA seems to do well but Anaheim not so much. Does anyone know when the finals are due to start? I have heard June 4 but that would be really stupid, especially if Boston wins tonight.

  7. kevin says:

    So who won anyway?

  8. kevin says:

    Florida suxs for sports PERIOD!! Only college football does consistently well. They are too lazy to get off their azzes other than on Sat. afternoon….as long as its not too hot that is. PATHETIC!!! In the north people PAY big bucks to go to a football/baseball game in the rain/snow…different way of life down there….more religious…more lazy…more stupid

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