BREAKING: Dick Ebersol to Resign From NBC Sports Group

This is a stunner, and a game-changer. Rich Sandomir of the NY Times in a series of tweets:

Dick Ebersol resigning from NBC Sports

Ebersol says he couldn’t come to agreement on new contract

Ebersol will not attend Olympic negotiations in June

More to come.


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4 Responses to BREAKING: Dick Ebersol to Resign From NBC Sports Group

  1. Stephen says:

    That’s really is a stunner. Wonder what contract he couldn’t agree on?

  2. nosferatu says:

    Just Ebersol trying to strike a new deal with Kabletown, it seems.

  3. leafsfan1967 says:

    In saying this is a “game-changer” are you saying this will impact the way in which NBC/Comcast does hockey?

  4. Joe M says:

    I might be over reacting but on the service it doesn’t sound like a plus for the nhl. Dick Ebersol has the carisma and salesmanship to help sell the game to advertisers, help obtain other properties for NBC and Versus such as the Olympics. If it ends up the NHL stays virtually by itself on Versus( NBC sportchannel) the new tv deal may not be favorable long term. It is important that Versus has other properties to help increase subscribership. If it wasn’t for Dick Ebersol the NHL might have been on ESPN next and now he is gone. Again, I could be making more out of this than itk s but it must be unsettling for Gary Bettman and the NHL at the very least.

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