Oh, I Can’t Wait For the ESPN Book

From Michael Hiestand of USA Today:

Barnaby, an ex-NHL player, has added to an emerging narrative about ESPN. And it’s one that no corporate brand wants, let alone a Disney brand: Is ESPN running amok?

First, some facts. ESPN has about 6,500 workers, including about 1,000 commentators who regularly appear on-air or are online opinion givers who might go on-air. That workforce is far larger than the staffs of broadcast network divisions, which crank out far less TV tonnage than ESPN.

Also, episodes in which ESPN announcers did something that publicly cost them paychecks, or their jobs, seem disparate. Some involved ex-athletes, such as NBA analyst Jalen Rose recently being cited — and suspended — for suspicion of DUI. NFL analyst Sean Salisbury was suspended in 2006 and didn’t get his contract renewed in 2008. He later told USA TODAY he had publicly shown cellphone photos of his private parts. ESPN in 2006 fired baseball analyst Harold Reynolds, who sued for wrongful termination; the sides settled before trial. ESPN in 2009 fired baseball analyst Steve Phillips, an ex-big-league executive, and a 22-year-old production assistant after complaints about the pair’s tryst.


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4 Responses to Oh, I Can’t Wait For the ESPN Book

  1. Stephen says:

    Figures that ESPN is just a disgrace and embarrassment to the world of sports. I can’t wait for the new NBC Sports Network to come in July because that will be my new sports home for a long time. I’m done with ESPN already and I already deleted my account on ESPN.com and my new website is NBC Sports.com.

    For Matthew Barnaby, I think he should come to NBC/VERSUS to become their NHL anaylist. That would be great.

    • Sean says:

      Uhh, if any of the charges against Barnaby are true, he won’t be on TV for a while, if ever.

    • Mike in Idaho says:

      So you want someone who has helped make ESPN a disgrace to come to NBC/Versus?

    • marv935 says:

      Stephen I understand your feelings- ESPN heads know that there is much greater supply of on air talent than there are jobs, so they fire anyone who does not measure up and suffer no negative consequences.
      While I would like to ignore ESPN as well, especially given their shoddy coverage of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs on Sports Center, they are the rights holder to the most prestigious sports events in the world, so it will be hard for NBC/Versus or any other rival network to compete with them.

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