Jack Edwards Signs Multi-Year Extension with NESN

BOSTON, MA – NESN, New England’s most watched sports network, announced today that Bruins play-by-play announcer Jack Edwards has agreed to a multi-year contract extension with the network. Edwards has teamed up with Bruins color analyst Andy Brickley in the NESN booth since 2005 and is also a regular contributor to NESN’s popular weekly hockey debate and discussion program called The Instigators with Mike Milbury.

“For the past six years, Jack has been an energetic and important part of NESN’s Bruins hockey coverage,” said Sean McGrail, NESN President and CEO. “We are very happy to extend his contract, and look forward to his passionate presence in the broadcast booth for years to come.”

Jack Edwards said, “Who has more fun than us? To work with Brick, Naoko, and our NESN production crew is to live the dream. We feed off the energy and passion of Bruins fans across New England and hockey fans all over the world. We love our work and we love working together. To be part of that, to share the space with people who pour so much of their time and effort into covering this team and this sport, is the pinnacle of my career.”

A New Hampshire native with over 30 years of sports broadcasting experience, Edwards joined NESN in 2005. Best known for his role as a SportsCenter anchor and NHL play-by-play announcer at ESPN, Edwards has also served as a local sports anchor and as a reporter for ABC’s Wide World of Sports and Winter Olympics coverage. In addition to his work with NESN, Edwards is also a senior partner and executive producer for Fountainhead Production, an independent film and TV production company specializing in HD productions.


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8 Responses to Jack Edwards Signs Multi-Year Extension with NESN

  1. kevin says:

    NESN is a marketing tool of the Bruins and Red Sox…….Honestly, I am a Bruins fan but I don’t pay any attention to anything said by their hired shills. Alot of other teams do a much better job with ther local broadcasts. NESN spends way too much time trying to peddle jerseys and Bruin “events”……how about discussing the rest of the NHL once in a while. There’s an idea……

    • KevinS says:

      That is exactly their job, as with every other regional sports network. You have to look at it from the perspective of the casual or non-fans that tune in. Those two sets really don’t care about the rest of league, there only concern is with their local team and how they are doing. Guys like us care, but we have other outlets (NHL Network and Versus). Also, every regional sports network shills gear and events. It is all about the dollars on TV and winning equals money and winning also equals more casual fans and non-sports fans watching and buying the gear and the tickets and going to events. Casual fans in Boston don’t care about what the Kings or the Coyotes are doing.

  2. KevinS says:

    Jack is one of the best in hockey. I love watching him on NHL Center Ice every year.

  3. kevin says:

    Jack Edwards is a tool. If you don’t see that you are a Bruins lackey. He is the worst they have ever had….easily.

    • KevinS says:

      Actually I am Devils fan. He is enjoyable to listen to. He is probably in my top five for local NHL broadcasters.

  4. CSN says:

    Most biased hockey commentator would rather watch a bruins broadcast with the sound off

    • marv935 says:

      It is hard for a local sports broadcaster to be as neutral as possible and still have his job. It seems to happen more in hockey than with local baseball announcers probably because baseball does not have to be sold as a sport to viewers as hockey does.
      I remember Jack Edwards when he was an ESPN play by play man, and he did not have the obvious bias that he has to have now with NESN. I agree with CSN that, even if you are partisan for one team, Jack does go overboard and will never be objective about the Bruins opponent. On the other hand, Jack is very entertaining and you could never call him boring.

    • marv935 says:

      I wanted to also add that part of the poison (it’s an appropriate word) on the local TV newcasts on the sports segment is the inclination to think of all in a city rooting for the home team with the sports anchor calling the results “a win or loss for us” . Truthfully, there are many in a home town that prefer a more objective sports broadcast as some viewers may not like the home team. This gets even worse when the local TV people don’t even do on camera interviews with the opponents. Unfortunately, these shallow and biased reporters follow this “tradition’ of rooting for the home team, despite some viewers not liking the home team.

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